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2016-06-05 - 3:02 p.m.

I am at the library with the girls where reading the library website read of an open house this past Fri of the Loudoun Circuit Court records dept. They seem very proud of this:

Stings a bit to think of how in MY case there was a motion from my Ex's attorney to DESTROY the records in OUR CASE under some guise of there not being adequate storage space due to "construction and expansion " of the courthouse at that time a few years back.

I couldn't believe I never HEARD Of such motion, was never given notice but found of it in the court record (little that was retained) and read the signature Of JUDGE CHAMBLIN who heard the request and honored it.

So Loudoun Circuit is proud of retaining historic records?

REALLY? They boast being one of the only courts that has retained records since the county's inception.

Sure they retained some.

I am here to tell you for a fact that does not mean you are getting a COMPLETE and ACCURATE historical picture. For every record retained I surmise there are others that some don't WANT found, so they were destroyed.

At least our history was attempted to be re-written and the record of the reality that actually happened DESTROYED.

This is something that happened all through history.

Challenge is, how does one ensure the integrity of the truth of our history not get forgotten so we don't lose opportunity to learn from it???

I get a bit discouraged when I read of journalists being arrested for only showing up at times to tell the story of what is really going on in the world. It is disappointing that still happens.

Attack of the messenger.

If someone is so upset they protest some want to just discredit the person and say that person is not well, not balanced, should not be listened to. The reality of that is that there is a fear of the ACTUAL Power of a dissenting voice being heard as it does offer the possibility of disrupting the status quo, undermining a paradigm as it is, in short stopping injustices from continuing or at least providing some level of scrutiny which often brings about accountability.

My son Soren made a truly insightful comment as in the past week he traveled to Albany NY with a group of dedicated environmental activists. They actually chanted and pushed for a vote on some measure (Which I know nothing about frankly and look forward to learning of. I am not at all aware of the Environmental movement or tapped into that activism in any regard. In fact it saddens me that all I can do is work and provide a roof and food for the kids and a safe place and contribute to my community by promoting sustainable gardening and biking rather than driving when feasible but that I am so very IGNORANT and OUT OF TOUCH with any activist community at all. To me that kind of fellowship is as important as finding your church community and they are so interconnected.... communal movements, community gathering in worship... Best I can do is support from the sidelines.
I did read that our planet is warming and at this rate SubSahara Africa will DISAPPEAR, along with much of Costal America in the next forty years.

IN OUR LIFETIME if we don't do something to curb the warming of our planet the ice in the Artic will continue to melt killing ecosystems.

I do know I have a classmate who came to my Jesuit college from the Marshall Islands who was a principal of a Catholic School there. He was completing his BA in Education and then going back to his country to continue to be a leader and teacher of the next generations, and I know his whole COUNTRY might be engulfed in water and disappear if we don't do something to ensure otherwise.

Once one know that it really changes everthing, or should! WE are only here so long so it seems to me we have to carfully choose how we invest our time.

OK Kids done here ... time to go. I think one picked up the movie LINCOLN so I am going to invest my time in watching that movie with my kids this afternoon, and move beyond the moment of sadness as the reminder of how someone did not want MY STORY to be out there to be heard.

CE la vie... lucky my life does go on...
and my voice has not been silenced. There will be time yet to keep telling the stories that need to be told. I just have to make that time, find that time, and develop the skills to help whoever I can, perhaps in some manner in telling their stories to the best of my ability... I always envisioned that being in a courtroom as an advocate, but who knows maybe that is not the means I am meant to use. Open to possibilities....

Its never too late to find your passion and throw yourself into it.

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