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2016-07-30 - 4:34 p.m.

I'll be darned. I am excited to be registered to run the MCM YES THE ACUTAL MARATHON as a fundraiser for an organization that raises money to help retired marines.

Lo and behold, the link to fundraise that the organization issued me which worked MONTHS AGO (last March when I registered and first posted it) IS NOT WORKING.

some *Glitch



The pattern continues of things that are really important * SOMEHOW getting messed up electronically.

Perhaps coincidence


not too worried about it as I am sure they will fix it and send me another and I can fund raise the next couple months. I received most donations when I ran the 10 K a couple of years ago in the month preceding the race anyway.

I am proud my training has gone well (I THINK!)

I ran a HALF marathon in MAY and it felt GREAT. I truly felt fabulous the day after. No pain, not overdone. It was no harder than the 10K I ran in with the kids the month before. I feel like I am conditioned and in shape and will rock the marathon.

I don't have time for long runs often but think my regular exercise will keep me in shape and should be enough training. I have been swimming and biking so consider that cross training that I hope is effective. I just don't have TIME to get too many Long runs in.

I am proud however to have awaken at 4:30 AM TWICE last week to get runs in. My training regime of late was to say YES to giving a neighbor a ride so he could take a construction job. He has to be there early so it FORCED me to get my butt out of bed and out the door earlier and has helped reset my circadian rhythm to be waking earlier and going to bed earlier.

I count that as training! as it is getting me up at 4:30 to get a run in before I have to leave and drive the neighbor to work and on days he doesn't need a ride then it gets me up at the time for a LONG RUN.

It has helped me with my discipline for the training to awake that early which I was having a hard time with.

So training is going well.
I am looking forward to the race!!

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