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2016-11-03 - 9:34 p.m.

I thought I lost a couple of entries as they had not shown up, but they are now here. In reading them I am struck by the fact my lovely tenant filled a pot on the back porch just about a month ago with Pansies. HA Seriously! The one flower that was on the back porch of the gentleman who gave me a tour of his yard, which I did NOT have in my yard. So now I literally actually HAVE all the same flowers that he had growing in his yard this early Fall. My tenant has no idea of that lovely "coincidence". Call me crazy but I really find those small things meaningful. They make my heart happy. I enjoyed an absolutely wonderful weekend with him in which we visited a Frank Lloyd Wright home, went to Mass at a beautiful basilica and watched what he said was one of his favorite movies together. We also watched a Bills game, as alas he is a big fan. I would love to be able to go to a game someday. Logistically that is a challenge, but I am happy enough that we intend to spend time together when we can. He commented on the phone after our weekend that the next day he put on one of his old CDs that he loved but hadn't heard in a long time, The Everly Brothers, and the song that played was the same romantic song that was playing during a wedding scene in the movie we watched. THIS Is weird as this is part of a longer entry that was SAVED and I SAW but then it seemed to *disappear* but then I see it in the "Edit" entries.. Odd glitches with Diaryland, but happy even though *PooF* my writing seems to *disappear* * POOF* like magic it REAPPEARS another day... this journaling is truly magical sometimes, isn't it???

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