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2017-01-07 - 11:27 a.m.

I am happy. The result made me cry, and I realized that was in RELIEF. 12 month sentence for this charge with 9 mos suspended. Likely the court is now ALLOWING this man's boss to help him as he offered. That is good! There are of course OTHER CHARGES as this was in conjunction with charges of public intoxication, public swearing prior "resisting arrest without force" etc. for each occasion my neighbor drank and got into trouble when walking home from the local bar.

I believed I did help someone deserving of it; and I believe this man will go on with the support of his boss to continue to face his issues, get some help and be successful in growing into the man he intends to be.

I also am gratified that justice is served/was served.

This man is guilty and plead guilty. That is the difference between him and my ex husband who DENIED , DENIED , DENIED and lied to his own advantage.
(Our courts all too often reward good liars)

REGARDLESS I am encouraged as I just now looked up the result.

First I overcame my cynicism as I read the disclaimer that this electronic record may not be accurate (no shit as the electronic record in MY CASE makes me look like I filed motion after motion and there was all sorts of CHANGING of the elecronic record which I captured here in as close to real time as I was made aware of it).

So after reading the disclaimers and squelching the voice of cynicism, I read on. This morning I honestly was writing and ignored a knock on the door as I wasn't ready to find out just yet. I wanted to write. (I did and lost that writing but it was thearputic nonetheless.) and then I want to take care of MY FAMILY FIRST . SO I reviewed my accounts, spend time prioritizing budget and then after I took care of my own was ready (emotionally) to go find out the outcome of the hearing on THU. I did not want to check until my work week was over.

*AND I was EXHAUSTED on THU so not very productive but made up for it at work on FRI as just ROCKED and got LOTS DONE ( apparently something called the 80/20 rule a manager at work referred to 80% of the actual work done is completed in 20% of the time. My 20% heightened focus and increased productivity was on Friday when much of the office was out due to weather! We had ice and a delayed start. I put in one hour remote so as to drive teen to school at her request and then went to the office and got in such flow it was 6:30 pm when I emerged from completion of good work I so enjoyed that I lost track of time! Ironically it turns out I LOVE doing the work of testing of systems! My job in part is to try to break a system and find vulnerabilities so developers can FIX them and it turns out to be an unexpected type of work I am rather good at! And it is NOT making me paranoid as I feared such work just might do!! Its actually really theraputic and AWESOME as computer systems tripping up used to be a VERY REAL trigger that put me in a state of absolute terror due to having legit been hacked at one point repeatedly HOWEVER the more I work on a testing team the more I find that reaction is diminished.

So its just amazing that I had this career shift and my current work is not only fun BUT HEALING!!! I knew it would be healing (cause it gave me a sense of security) to DRAFT contracts for computer security services but I never imagined I would be working PROVIDING some of those same kind of computer system testing services I used to draft contracts for! Its such a fantastic experience actually and I am so blessed that in my case I KNOW when my instinct is GOOD and NOT fear based and when to follow it.

SO HAPPY I persued my job even when I had a viable option on the table that paid more doing contract management work that I walked away from. MY gut and prayer informed guidance (Yes I believe in that) led me to trust and take this particular job. At the time it really didn't seem all that logical. It was based on environment and liking the people more. The office is sunny and bright. I turned down an opportunity that paid $30 K more a year with full benefits.

I know I could find that but the costs to do so are too high.

In any case the fact my job is weirdly HEALING for me when I do this technical work is something I NEVER could have envisioned.

I think that is what happens when one follows the belief in prayer "Thy will be done" and then does what one feels they are called to do.

I believe that is a VERY REAL experience in my life.

So here it is. I took a risk as I had called my boss to be late for work and TOLD her why. She had heard the ongoing story of my neighbor.

HERE IS THE OUTCOME with stripping of personal details and only adding one comment (about the cop that alleged this particular charge that occurred AFTER my neighbor said he had JUST spent 20 min talking with a DIFFERENT community office that had calmed him down and convinced him to let the stepdaughter stay at the football game she went to without permission! The school officer told him he was drunk and not in a good state and he listened and in fact found that office to help him but then was arrested when he encountered a different officer I think that context is relevant as even though this guy is GUILTY Of many moments of poor behavior and perhaps CRIMES I dont really believe that they were UNAVOIDABLE. I mean don't incite a drunk guy. An officer of the law can either respond effectively or ineffectively and I think this responding officer actually considers himself EFFECTIVE as I think his GOAL was to lock up this neighbor of mine he did not WANT to remain in our community, which is something some of us neighbors don't think justifiable or fair! I believe other neighbors also did write letters as this neighbor has FRIENDS HERE. )

Case Number : Filed Date : OCT/2016 Locality : COMMONWEALTH OF VA
Name : Status : Custody Attorney PUBLIC DEFENDER:
Gender : Male Race : Black(Non-Hispanic)
Charge Information
Code Section : 18.2-57 Case Type : Felony Class : 6
Offense Date : 10/07/2016 Arrest Date : 10/07/2016 Complainant : ( HERE IT IS THE SAME COP WHO I HAD BEEN TOLD CALLED THIS NEIGHBOR "NIGGER" ON OCCASION. )

Amended Charge : ASSAULT & BATTERY Amended Code : 18.2-57 Amended Case Type : Misdemeanor
Hearing Information
Date Time Result Hearing Type Courtroom Plea Continuance Code
10/11/2016 11:15 AM Continued Arraignment 001D
11/07/2016 11:15 AM Continued Arraignment 001D
11/07/2016 01:00 PM Continued Review Progress 001C
11/10/2016 11:15 AM Continued Appoint Attorney 001D
12/06/2016 01:00 PM Continued Preliminary 001C Agreement
01/05/2017 01:00 PM Finalized Preliminary 001C Guilty
Disposition Information
Final Disposition : Guilty
Sentence Time : 12Months 000Days 00Hours Sentence Suspended Time : 09Months 000Days 00Hours
Probation Type : Probation Time : 00Years 00Months 000Days Probation Starts :
Operator License Suspension Time : 00Years 00Months 000Days Restriction Effective Date :
Operator License Restriction Codes :
Fine : Costs : $246.00 Fine/Costs Due : 04/05/2017
Fine/Costs Paid : Fine/Costs Paid Date : VASAP :
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