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2017-02-06 - 10:29 p.m.

Out of respect for privacy of my older children I refrain from mentioning some of the wonderful things they have accomplished.

This one I can't fail to mention here however. As it happened in the past I think it is now safe to write about. Katerina wrote a musical piece of work for her senior project that her school put on. It was a bonafide full production that was stunning!

Out of respect for her I won't discuss it further.

It was absolutely MARVELOUS and I was so blessed to have been able to go see it along with her siblings as I was fortunate to bring ALL the kids to see it.

She is now part of a professional orchestra. SO PROUD OF HER!!!!

The tickets are now more expensive to go see her performances and frankly I don't expect she will have comps for Mom like she did all these years growing up!

Can't make the performances this Spring but I am so very very happy for her and can't wait to do the google search and hope to find them sometime!!!

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