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2017-02-20 - 10:23 a.m.

I am so pleased someone came to pick up the remaining drywall to be used on their project after I finally go around to cutting it and covering the last remaining hole in the corner the wall the guy who I hired never completed. Now all I need to do is go return some things I got at Home Depot that were not needed for that project (like some compound for installing drywall and a putty knife and screws), pick up the NAILS needed (I forgot if they were screws or nails and got the wrong ones), borrow a neighbors ladder (I saw one on a porch so know who to ask!), and then hammer back on the moldings that were removed for the repairs.

WHEW I got this.

Partially done as cutting the drywall to fit was really not hard. The hard part was finding time to do it.

Today a plumber is coming to fix a broken diverter on the spout of my tenants. They are so very nice but unfortunately didn't tell me for a few weeks they were only using the tub! I picked up some CLR and another heavy duty cleaner but those did not make the problem go away so it is not just a case of build up minerals from hard water gumming it up but something broken.

In Good news I negotiated a raise with my employer for my current job of 20%!

That was not all I asked for (As I asked for a 25% raise which would actually be a full $10 per hour LESS than job opportunities that are REGULARLY Sent my way. HOWEVER Money is the least of my concerns when looking for a JOB. I just need enough to live COMFORTABLY. A JOB which I can do well without stress such that I am emotionally and mentally WELL is worth MORE than money. In fact I have determined it is even worth more than a job with HEALTH insurance frankly for the time being! HOnestly I still can't afford health insurance, even with the raise as the health care of my children HAS to come first.

Which is a reminder it is getting late in this morning and I have a couple of errands to run before the plumber gets here so enough of this reading and writing. I did listen to music and enjoyed catching up on some mending to reduce clutter and free up my space a bit. Room not totally clean yet but progress made.

To go fill an antipsychotic prescription for one child as it really HELPS tremendously. I was HIT by this child just a short time ago and my bruises have not healed yet. Her script ran out and I could afford to take her to the Dr. but not to fill it until I got paid. That really prompted me to negotiate my raise as I realized I was just not making enough to meet family's ESSENTIAL Needs! REALLY when I looked at finances and realized I charged new tires and my monthly car insurance payments and pest control (needed since I have tenant) I was motivated to do something. THANKS to a friend who pointed that out (encouraging me to job hunt I think).

As far as job hunting, I am not doing that for the time being. With the raise I think I will be OK. Having extra income from modeling was really helpful but when my one daughter came to live with me full time in the Fall that meant I needed to be home more so I cut back on that third job. Boy did I feel the impact!

Need for maintaining my health is also a reminder that once this house is clean (GOAL FOR TODAY!) my next focus is exercise. I need to fit in a run or a swim today. Good news on that topic is I found a pool that is affordable to swim in! Testing it out and enjoyed it. I would love if I could convince my daughter to come with me to do SOMETHING on this beautiful day once the plumber comes and goes. ANYTHING to get her outside and active- bike ride, maybe just a walk. I may just offer to go out to dinner if she will take a walk to a local spot. (I might need some motivator for her to go out and that might work!) She said no to a bike ride or hike when suggested yesterday so I have to pick the right TIME and the right WAY To make a suggestion (or as she often aptly calls it- a "bribe" SHEESE these SMART kids are hard to motivate sometimes!)

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