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2017-04-23 - 12:10 a.m.

Damn, I just paid a bill exactly 10 min too late to be on time. I tried to call from my workplace to pay it but did not know the full account #. When calling from home # their system recognizes me and I just need the last four digits and it lets me then make a phone payment.

I got home from work at 9:30 and wanted to call the guy I would love to see more of, but didn't want to get caught up on the phone and forget to pay this bill so didn't call him.

Instead I did the dishes left after Katie made amazing samosas for dinner tonight and "Mango fool" which is a whipped moose like desert. She was excited to pick out a couple recipes this morning, then go to the store and buy the ingredients and made them for her sisters today while I was at work. I was so thrilled to see her being happy and creative in the kitchen that I came home delighted to eat and then do the dishes.

I also was itching to talk and share the excitement of this , as I mean this kid is 15 and just made us Samosas. That is just pretty awesome. This is the same kid who would make her own cookie and cake recipes when little. She always had this thing for baking and cooking very creatively even when young. She has just always been really creative in every respect actually. Her sensitivity was for a time matched only by her aggression which I think we later realized is because she is just on the hyper-sensitive side. She feels MORE , expresses MORE and is just overwhelmed and overwhelming at times but it so wonderful to see her so happy being creative and being kind and joyful at sharing with others.

Funny how the same kid who was just a terror to her sisters when younger is now such a delight as she is the one who will go shopping and cook regularly.

Sadie enjoyed helping out with her drama club as well as an arts fair at school that she sang at today. When I picked her up after work she told me Katie was supposed to be there too and we presumed she forgot. When we got home Katie said she was in the middle of cooking and just couldn't go as she was too busy. It was neat to see that she was so enjoying that , so much that she didn't go to the school event. That was OK for this instance, as they only asked the kids on Wed who would be able to come and it wasn't a big deal she missed it.

So the bummer of me making the call to pay the bill is that I didn't call my gentleman friend I so wanted to talk to knowing I might forget about the bill and lose track of time, but I forgot and lost track of time anyway!! I figured I would do the dishes and make that call to pay bill and THEN try him and see if he is available to talk! Well, I lost track of time as Katerina called me back and then I was on the phone with her for so long that I hung up and realized it was just about midnight!

It was exactly midnight when I was dialing the phone to call my credit card company to use the phone bill pay feature. Sheesh, just minutes before would have saved me a $35 late payment fee! The payment posted at 12:06 AM the DAY after due!!

Oh well...

I had wanted to tell my friend some good news.

I will catch him when I can. I did leave my cell phone in or on my desk at work on Friday! Oh well.... It ran out of minutes and I have to add more to it anyway. Last week was a heck of a busy week. Frankly the past two weeks at work were crazily busy. Good news at least is work is going well.

Other good news is that while I don't feel like in a routine yet (does swimming once a week constitute a routine?), I did make it to the pool early Friday morning AND made it to the office for a 9AM meeting ALMOST on time (9:03AM)

That few minutes late thing.

Still a challenge sometimes. Not usually when it matters, but unfortunately sometimes when it does matter!

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