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2017-04-29 - 10:50 p.m.

I am so excited for my children's future.

I saw a show this year that was absolutely phenomenal while traveling. I loved it so much for a number of reasons:
1. Soren played the male lead in this show when he was in high school
2 The actress that played AIDA was unbelievably phenomenal.

I just wished Soren could have been there with me to see this production! It was just SO BEAUTIFUL. I kept telling him of the talent and performance of the lead who just was so powerful and played the role like it was meant to be played! She WAS AIDA. There was no suspension of disbelief, I was just transported from the moment she stepped on that stage.

So tonight, I feel like it is just an absolutely positive sign I found this article:

Maybe I am a little quirky, but I really truly believe in signs.

Soren had appointments to meet with four casting agencies as the showcase of his graduating acting conservatory class in NYC last week went exceptionally well not only for him but for them all. All but two have multiple meetings with agents. As far as the two who did not yet get calls, there is no question that one of those is so talented and so driven that success will come in time.(She just has an old soul and looks older so I think Soren is spot on that she will do fantasic when a bit older!) The other is also very talented but unfortunately I think has that blond hair , blue eyed look that at this point is really only still popular with news anchors and is in fact a professional limitation for an actor just now. There are too many with that same look out there, plain and simple. Regardless of talent, if you are not unique and filling a needed type an agent will not be interested.

They have an LA showcase next week as well. Perhaps the blond haired blue eyed actor will actually do better out there than in NYC as well! It would be so wonderful if the two actors that did not have agents express interest got a call or two from the LA showcase.

Typically agencies will want to follow a young actor for the year out of school and then they will get picked up after demonstrating working reliably.

Soren has been working consistently for so long that I think his goal of becoming a SAG member this year (he is one film away, as has two equity films under his belt and just needs a third), and his goal of being picked up by an agent in a year or so is actually being conservative in his expectations so he is realistic and not disappointed in starting from the bottom and working his way up, but in his case may actually be unrealistic in the sense he is underestimating both his remarkable talent and his marketability.

Rather I should said I think he HAD underestimated. The interest from agents let him know otherwise and just now he is absolutely thrilled to be granted opportunities to meet with a few reputable agents.

Honestly, he has a look and character which are not common.

He will fill a niche that is absolutely essential.

I think after the strong positive response to his showcase he realized things may happen for him more quickly than he anticipated.

Which is absolutely fine of course!

All the male actors who graduated from his program last year currently have agents and are working actors in NYC area (for the most part... all working, all signed and most in NYC).

His class has one actor from Atlanta who loves his city and wants to go back there. He fortunately has a family member working for an airline so can work from anywhere frankly and that young man will undoubtedly do well as he is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. There is also a young lady who is so strikingly beautiful and talented that it is clear she will have her choice of opportunities.

As for Soren, I truly am a bit superstitious and believe in signs.

At Christmas I worried perhaps it was not enough that the gift I gave him was just an AIDA mug and T Shirt. (OH and a Water Protectors T Shirt and donation as well).

Now I know it was enough.

It is a sign. I feel it truly is a very good sign.

I found the article above about that beautiful show as it was posted on the site of one of the top agencies in NYC who represent the remarkable actress that played AIDA.

Soren has a meeting with their team this week.

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