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2017-05-11 - 8:56 p.m.

I am so thrilled for Soren who was offered to sign with the agent in NY he was most excited to meet with last week.

He is back today from the LA Showcase, jetlagged and exhausted as he did get sick as went there without a jacket believing it was warmer there this time of year that it actually was! IT was in the 50s and he had no jacket so got sick from being cold in evenings.

I reminded him that he has an "emergency" credit card for just such a moment and that he could have bought a jacket! I told him that is what it is for.

My oldest two kids are so responsible but they sometimes forget I am a bit better off than a couple of years ago and might be able to help them a bit!

True not too much... but the little I can offer I wish they would not hesitate to ask for!

It is the same agent who booked Aida.

So I am not surprised and to be honest was expecting this call as all signs seemed to indicate this is what Soren is meant to be doing just now.

I thought of him yesterday, just around noon actually , wondering out loud "Is Soren in LA now? I Think the showcase is this week there."

I took a min from work to just google to find that out and confirm as never really paid attention to the dates he was traveling but figured it had to be this week. I did not find any info (I don't click links at work but just read what I can see in the google list! I trust going to but am very careful about clicking onto any other pages unless I know they are OK!)

Figures, mother's instinct- Soren told me it was noon when the NY Agent called him.

He is going to move to NY and start out couch surfing friends and family for the first homeless month or two while job hunting. He said he will look to pick up a waiter job to get by, but again I think he may be underestimating his marketability and the desire the agent will have to land good and well paying jobs for him fresh out of the gate. He is not really fresh out of the gate, but fresh out of the conservatory and the agent makes money by having a very small group of clientele who are some of the best young talent out there and landing them well paid work. These are the actors that are gracing the tabloids, becoming household names after a few years under there belt of great performances and accolades such as Tony nominations or wins.

It truly is a boutique, top notch, exclusive NY agency and Soren could not have dreamed of a better opportunity than this opening up for him at this new phase of his life!

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