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2017-05-16 - 6:26 a.m.

I don't think I have to worry too much about the hacker child.
She might be introverted, rather obviously "not allistic" (which is a phrase I seriously laughed at when the college girl talked to me of her in all the new jargon!)

Nomanclature of things changes every ten years or so it seems. Its how these smart business people create work- they create new systems and methodologies and write about them and sell their ideas and new "speak" and then get others to buy into them.

They have well paying jobs doing this. Its hilarious in some ways as some of these new ideas are just re-branding of very old ones- but with new language and organization around them. Agile is the tech thing now and Waterfall is out... Being Lean was it 10 yrs ago but I think if you talk about Six Sigma now you get stigmatized as OLD ! I think that is ALREADY Passe....

And to speak of SWOT Well you better be on your SECOND career... like our awesome Mayor! He can get away with that old school speak in running our town as it sounds impressive in local gov even though it makes one sound out of touch with the times in the business world!

ITs in fact a great career plan: Work in the private sector and when ready to retire just get a gov job.

My perception has not changed that they are really well suited for those who don't want to work too much (at one job!) Offices open 8-4. What a cush life! For the workaholic its such a great change of pace I think older employees deserve! So kudos when the feds hire smart older workers!

But I digress.
I had a really nice long talk with my college roomie.

I am tired and was up too late but that was worth it. But I really need to exercise just a bit and should have been up an hour ago!

I had to get this computer back from hacker girl but a look at what she's been doing makes me think this kid is OK. Think out of the woods and helps me not worry so much about her. She also has enjoyed and been enjoyed by the company of those she interacted with the few times I did get her out of the house. That is a challenge still.

Recent searches of hers include some expected gaming and programming stuff; but also I tend to find things like



Online Jobs for Teens to Make Money

and then creative work , art , and submissions to ad agency contests for new logos

Things like that . So its fascinating to see her on line world when I peek into it and find her really wonderful writing and art and creative work and think:

"WOW this kid is ambitious!"

That is seriously the impression.

Which to me is SO HARD TO understand with the absolute incongruence of my brain thinking it is LAZY To be sitting in your bed all day!

(I wish she had room for a desk in her room! THIs child wants to spend her time doing her stuff on the computer laptop while in her bed!)

YEt that is where I WRITE as well when I do write.

ITs hard sometimes being a parent and letting your kid grow in ways you don't understand! It seems so foreign to me who is active.

But I DO get her out and about a bit. She did help clean the kitchen and that engagement is progress. She is still engaged in Civil Air Patrol and LOVES it so that is something.

I hope she gets to go to their Summer Boot Camp this year!

So I really came her to write about her as thought it was funny she rigged my laptop to have THIS Show up when I open it:


to: [MOM]

This is extremely important. Do NOT use this computer on any,
and I mean ANY, WiFi network apart from ours.
Hell, even ours might not be safe.
The reason for this is a current cyber attack on every form of
Windows computer, a piece of ransomware known as WannaCry.
WannaCry is based on a piece of an NSA hacking unit
that was dumped online last week by a hacker group known as

Also, don't download anything. This includes email attachments.
Email attachments are the main way ransomware used to spread.
It's different now but still a threat.

WannaCry begins by turning the host Windows computer into a server
that spreats the ransomware across any computers connected to the
WiFi network. Believe me, it's possible - there are penetration
testing apps for Android that can replace every image recieved through
a WiFi network, and do you have any idea what Windows is capable of?

In other words, if you connect to a network that has been connected
to a WannaCry infected computer, you're toast.

If you do insist on connecting to open WiFi networks, make sure
you have done a complete backup of this hard drive. If you're going
out in public, put this on airplane mode.

Also, don't let anyone with a windows computer connect to our WiFi network
unless someone (probably me) has ensured that the person is not infected
with WannaCry.

I've also put a shortcut on the desktop to the Startup folder, so that
you can delete this file once you've read it. (If you can't figure out
how to, ask me.)

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