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2017-06-26 - 12:32 a.m.

Sometimes I love horoscopes:

Some heavy-duty rivalry is headed your way next week, but it will be more distracting than serious. Let go of some unimportant territory and you'll come out ahead. Your ability to set certain things adrift will impress the heck out of management.

YEs.... seems to be spot on even before the week begins based on my instinct and some things that are going on at work.

I like my job

I like my workplace culture and the people I work with.

Other interesting thing was horoscope said something about unexpected social invite. So general that could apply to anyone I suppose, but in my case I was invited as a date to a wonderful formal awards ceremony for a dear old friend. It was tentative as the date, a mutual friend, may not be able to make it! SWEET he asked me.
But then I got an invite regardless...

I will miss his company, but I have been invited myself and know it is genuine I am welcomed! (Friend who can't make it was a frat bro... but the guy who's big event was actually someone I consider a good friend! .... )

So excited to go as other college friends will be there. Respect for privacy means share no details other than I am SO VERY PROUD of the accomplishments and most of all the wonderful work of service of my college friends.

I am here just to vent...

that bummer moment when realizing a bunch of updates I THOUGHT I had put on the arts website I manage DID NOT SAVE A month ago!!!

I actually made changes!! I DESIGNED a whole page to add a new art class.

So bummed as I got an email asking if the art teacher could help manage that portion of web site and I thought it a GREAT idea, but that was the red flag it was not to her satisfaction...

well DUH .... apparently the changes did not save and take effect! ( I likely rushed and shut off the new device I was working on too quickly or something...)

To bed... wonderful but long weekend. I of course had to end it by doing work for that org. Because you know I just CAN'T Go to bed when there is work that is to be done after only relaxing for three days! I did work Friday but started at 6AM and ended at 2:30 so it FELT like three whole days without work!

I just can't go to bed after the weekend without getting ready for the week!

But am stopping now . Got SOME things done. Enough for me to feel I have not neglected it feel organized for the week ahead: and NOW to bed. AH, to be fair- I came on line as realized that I had not yet submitted time sheet! If that was not lingering I perhaps would have been asleep hours ago when I first laid down but then remembered that. It was the act of turning on the computer which made me think about all those other things to check on!! Such is life. Still a great, relaxing weekend hearing live music so I feel very rested despite not as much sleep as would like!

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