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2017-06-28 - 2:29 p.m.

I hate negotiating for myself. Its a weird, weird thing: I can coach others, I am great in a negotiation as an advocate for anyone else. I mean I was a winning debator, I have the skills and have not lost them

EXCEPT when it comes for MYSELF.
Then I feel like I could be so much stronger and always feel like I just gave away the farm so to speak.


Negotiating job offer. I just want to get an offer that makes me EXCITED to take a job. Not lukewarm, not feeling like I settled, but one which makes me feel like I AM SETTLED. One that makes me thrilled to feel I am valued for my hard work and dedication.

Because I give it my all in a job.
I am a consistently strong performer and KNOW That.

I also know I get ALOT of work done.

Once I learn the ropes I tend to be exceptional and valued
(unless I am threatening to someone).

I have learned temperance

I still work on not being overly excited and irritating others with interruptions. That type A thing..
but I curb that tendency most of the time.

Back to work.

Lunch hour spent driving home and updating one thing on application, and calls negotiating salary.

I hope the final offer that comes in makes me SMILE and not feel like I have settled.

I hope I am not asking for too much.
I don't believe I am. I know I am a darn good investment.
I just don't want to have to keep renting my basement. Primary incentives to advocate for my worth are the kids at THIS TIME. If I get the salary I want then the basement can be bedroom. I think my senior in HS who is now sharing a room at Dads with younger new step siblings deserves her own space SOMEWHERE. I didn't mind it being tight for my girls in my little town house; simply because they had more than enough space at their Dad's. That is not the case and I think they each really need a bit of room to grow...
Back to work.

This will make it a long day.
Working from home for duration. Training at 3pm to learn new skills.

I AM Enjoying THAT part of the job!

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