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07/06/2017 - 5:15pm

It just took me too long to find this album. This was just an incredible performance. Anyone who can get to Buffalo for the Summer Silo City performance, there is another this year Aug 18 and 19th which I assure will be an incredible theater spectacle once again.

Would so love to make it for this. Time will tell...
I love Buffalo in the summer.

Shakespeare in the Park is open! Those who are there get to enjoy that.

I enjoyed going to a local baseball game as there is a team in my small town.

Even though it was rained out, it was nice to go with my daughter who used to play. My one regret in life is that when she wanted to quit I did not encourage her more to push through the fear of continuing to play with the boys. She played little league until high school and let her fear overcome her. I wish I encouraged her more. I thought she would take a break and then get back to it. I think she let fear motivate her more than her love for the game and that is something that saddens me and I so wish she could push through it to try to play again- either baseball or softball.

Or wish she had pushes through the fear to try to be in a show...
or pushed through the fear to be involved in any of the things she loves which I see her having given up the importance of because she doesn't feel supported enough in them.

CE la vie... I just hate continuing to hear she did not become involved in a show because she thinks she won't be consistenly allowed to attend rehearsals, or because she presumes she won't be cast. or because it is too much energy for her to stand up to the resistance. She gives up rather than stands up.

ITs just her personality and I try not to judge as she is the peacemaker and chooses to never have conflict and never speak up, but I am afraid is so very stifled.

I hope she finds her joy and learns to do that which she loves sooner rather than later.

In any case, I did enjoy going to the game even if in the rain and even if it got rained out. We can go again on a Fri night when they play a home game again.

I am also happy we will go to see the show this weekend her friends are in. Even if she did not go out for it or decide to work tech or do it at all. She will enjoy seeing it and celebrating their accomplishment. I am happy she has the capacity for joy in supporting others rather than completely disengaging.

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