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2017-08-09 - 2:00 a.m.

Time to sleep . but first capture my joy here:
Art was in town and we enjoyed a visit. Been a year since saw him over coffee as I happened to be running a 5k in the rural town he lives in which is about an hour and half from me. art was Visiting his Dad just 20 min from me. I came home from taking daughter to a meeting and was cleaning up kitchen chatting with other daughter after just deciding to have a glass of white wine from the bottle I opened a month ago when cooking Tilapia. I used a couple of tablespoons only along with a homemade raspberry orange vinegar and made such delicious fried fish but forgot to even drink a glass of wine along with eating the fish I had used the wine in the cooking of. There was not too much air surface since so little came out of the bottle for cooking that I had just remarked I may as well drink some when I checked the phone to see , to my delight, that Art had called.

So he came by and we were up to late catching up over that bottle of wine , eating cantaloupe and dark chocolate he brought.

So worth it to be up late to talk with him as we catch-up so infrequently. it was delightful!

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