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2017-09-16 - 12:24 a.m.

I just watched the movie The Kids are Alright with Annette Benning, Julianne Moore and Mark Rufflalo.

WOW I do think Ruffalo is hot!


I took the movie out of the library when I found it as I wanted to see something he was acting in, after having come across a nice speech he gave that was linked on the Push Buffalo site- some environmental activist moment in NYC.

I really liked what he had to say, and yeah.. thought he was rather hot so just wanted to see a film he was in.
I am also inspired by the fact he was a bartender for nine years prior to his first break out role.

And that gives me hope for my son the marvelous actor who just landed a good waiter job a couple of weeks ago in Queens, NY near where he is living. He is working a lot as he and his housemate who were renting for a very nominal amount while first starting out , from a classmate's parents, have been told they really are ready to have their house back to themselves. They enjoyed having the recent actor grads there for the summer.... but the welcome has been worn out now.

(Hope it was not due to some issues the young people are not aware of... and hope it was not that they felt take advantage of! Hope my son gave enough rent money and was not feeling a sense of privilege to a degree that was resented... I know he did buy recording equipment to make his own demos after he had paid for one to be professionally done and was not happy with the result! So if paying really cheap rent but then spending money on things like that and dance classes, it could cause resentment. He is really focused and putting his money on continued professional development which I think is wise but only insofar as can afford to! Kind of hoped the philanthropy of supporting the young artist in living cheaply lasted longer! Oh well... They had a great situation for starting out living in NYC area.

So he is not working a lot to save Money to find a place to live there. That poses a challenge as one can't go to auditions when working!

But knowing there are actors who busted their butts so to speak working for years before their break out role is encouraging. I was afraid that it is like dating sites, or real estate, or job hunting on when one signs with an agent... don't want to be on the market TOO Long without landing a good gig.

Soren signed a contract with two agents, one for theater and TV for 18 mos, and the other for print media advertisements and commercials (not sure for duration.)

He has gotten a number of call backs which is itself an honor considering the competitiveness in NYC scene. Did not land a job yet, however he did travel back up to Buffalo to work on a show there along with his sister and girlfriend who were also cast in in. I was thrilled to travel to see the show which was super fun , and was glad all the girls came with me.

It was also nice to have a date join me... the super sexy guy I have been seeing for a year on the rare occasions I can .... as he is in NY and I am here.

I definitely have a "type"

This guy in NY is really a nice fellow. Kinda the same "type" physically in a way as Ruffalo...
Funny to think of that....
Sort of...

I enjoyed reading this article.

I do really want to remember to find the film Invisible polar something.... The article will help me find it even though I can't remember its title just now.I was going to see if the library had it and request it but was too tired to get up to go downstairs and get my wallet and library card as need that # to do that... Goodnight! Bedtime!

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