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2017-10-03 - 10:35 p.m.

I really want to go to bed as tired. But first I had to find the registry for a co-worker who is getting married.

Trouble is for some reason I confuse two co-workers with each other in name OFTEN. Similar names... both are...well, I can't think of any other way to describe them but... millenium boys.

They are SO YOUNG...

Very talented at their jobs.
Just ...well, young.

But all those cocky folks in movies like Wolf on Wall Street, etc. were young and arrogant once too....

So they kinda fit into the financial sector paragidm I suppose.
But I digress.

In my search for the registry I was perplexed at not finding the registry. Then did a broader search thinking another might show up at some store other than the one I was informed the soon to be wed was registered at.

Confirmed at least one of the boys partied like they did in the wall street bubble...

but the drugs perhaps not as hard.

Cause up popped a police listing of arrests from Lakawanna (NY presume of all places, near Buffalo) of a person of the same name as coworker arrested at Age 19 for possesion of drug paraphanalia and marjuana.

I found it ironic since I really just want to find the wedding registry so our small group (the ones not going) can send a gift! Our lovely boss said she would be happy to pick it up at the store and bring it to the event itself.

Then to top it off, I realize after finding this - which I really wish I never found- * Moreso that I wish I did not really know HOW YOUNG they really are..... good God feels like they are really almost still KIDS.... The news article gave identifying info , including hometown which makes me 99% sure it is not just someone with the same name. (Its also not a very common full name).

So to top it I started to say before expressing shock of the guys AGE moreso than shock at the arrest, the kicker is I realized I was searching for the WRONG NAME in wedding registrys to begin with.

It is the OTHER CO WORKER Getting married. Darn, I did the searches on the wrong name....


I have to be more careful with my queries. Just never know what I am going to turn up.

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