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2017-10-05 - 1:27 a.m.

I can't believe how late it is! I worked a long day and then had chores to do at home. THEN I read a FB post that it is time for my fav local event, a film festival! That meant I HAD to stay up super late as it took me super long to make the oh so important decision of what movies to go see.

One is a MUST see as a friend/acquantance is featured in it. Other than that easy pick the rest were really challenging.

DO I go see an acclaimed beautiful story with stunning cinemetography and steamy romance and sex scenes that is getting rave reviews


The Novitiate which is another first falling in love story- this time with God as a young girl joins the abby during Vatican II Changes of the Church.


Which sounds more entertaining?

The lady who plays the matriach Mother Superior character received wonderful reviews for her work.

Of course with my background, being Catholic no matter how lovely the other movie...
I just had to pick that serious one...


That might be sad.

Oh well...

I can always find the DVD of the other after it wins the Oscar.

This film festival showed Moonlight, La La Land and the Lion in past years.

I went to see other picks, such as Ithaca which I loved but the critics did not.

I also picked a few FUN movies. Not all serious! In the past I went to a documentary in the mix, but this time stuck with good dramas and a comedy.

So after that I did it again: Searched for the wedding registry and then realized that its the OTHER guy who is my co-worker getting married!

The thing is I don't work in the same physical office but interact with these fellows more on phone! I do see them here and there, but for some reason have such a problem keeping track of which is which...
as far as which is getting married

and which was the one I was supposed to send something to.

OOPS , I made that mistake by flipping something to the OTHER guy.

So dumb.

I have only worked with them for a few months now. But still...

I just wish they didn't have short names that begin with the same letter, didn't both RESEMBLE each other (enough at least ....same hair color, height not remarkably different.... both twenty something millenials with good personalities! Heck if one was a pill or mean or truly more obnoxious than the other that would make it easier. Both have decent senses of humor. Its really annoying I make this mistake!

Well off to bed as I FINALLY found the correct registry for the guy who is REALLY getting married!!

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