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2017-10-07 - 3:08 p.m.

I have been astounded at the unbelievably ill educated and rude political ads coming in the mail and on local radio here in Northern Va.

I came home to read some crap encouraging not to vote for the Democratic candidate by saying
there are limited spots in VA colleges so "YOUR CHILDREN " should be the ones to get them; not illegals who don't pay taxes.


The lack of information this fear based campaign which is so negative is just astounding to me.

This is an AD Campaign of someone running for office: Do you want YOUR KIDS to not get a spot in a VA college because some ILLEGAL is granted admission at an in state tuition rate?

With every one of the vitriolic ads I hear I have been more and more convinced to run for their opposition.

FACT: Most non us citizen who are here working, even if they are illegal actually pay taxes. Some are off the books but not a larger percentage than AMERICANS who work off the books. WHY ? Because whereas historically there has NOT been much enforcement with employers or incentive to NOT hire illegals (granted it is some time since I worked in this field and was actually at DOJ USCIS-- 20 yrs ago the fine for hiring an illegal was $500 for first offense. Just think about that and do the basic math- the cost of applying for a visa at the time in this area was around $3000 on average. NO exaggeration. So why would an employer pay $3000 when the fine for non compliance would be $500) WHEREAS THE IRS was MUCH MORE VIGILANT in paying attention and slamming employers with LARGER fines and a lot of due diligence if they were caught not paying taxes. At that time the IRS cared little about status...
Taxes are an obligation of ALL who work , regardless of where they are from or live. STILL have to pay taxes in the state you work in. States are serious about that as well as the feds.

Not to mention, if you hire a bunch of immigrant labor it kinda is more obvious to the IRS to question if taxes are being paid than if you hire the redneck farmlaborer. Just saying.... "country" (lifestyle wise) good old white boys working on the farm are less likely to make some fed ask "Can I see your have filed taxes for your laborers?"

YES Frankly I think it often MORE Likely those are the employees working off the books!

Having that background working with lawyers actually completing A1 farm labor visas, and working with an attorney who's office processed significantly more T1 forms for Taxpayer Identification #s, I KNOW that many employers DO file taxes for their immigrant laborers.

There was no communication between the IRS and former INS or DOJ back then; Now it is USCIS and Homeland Security I doubt that has actually changed at all.

I recall at the time the office that actually followed up on employer violations - and this is the FEDERAL office, of the USA for our WHOLE COUNTRY had only THREE Employees. Iknow s I applied for the job open when one of them was leaving. (Did not get an offer but I think that was because they were astounded when they asked me why I wanted to work for the federal government that I honestly answered "The government offices are the only ones that consistently close at 4pm sharp. " and then laughed and their shock as I said I wanted work life balance. )

So the fact there were only three employees that worked 8-4 and were gone at that time like they would turn into pumpkins if not out the door lets you know the cases of slamming employers for immigrant labor actually adjudicated were few and far between compared to how many employers hire immigrant labor.

Variety of reasons for that, a practical one being our economy would just BOTTOM OUT if we got RID of this Massive low wage work force that takes jobs that economically it BENEFITS our whole country to keep low wage.

YES , there is really not a big incentive to discourage the paradigm of immigrant labor available cheap and people starting out sharing living space with many others.

I think people don't really understand it would not actually be FEASIBLE for EVERYONE to afford their own home. We haven't SPACE for that.... an entirely different issues.

SO that is the first nonsensical string of ads. This rude "YOUR KIDS should be getting the spots in VA public colleges as you are a taxpayer. "

My reaction was "And how the #@$& do you think you KNOW WHO I AM and WHO MY KIDS ARE?" I am thinking "How presumptuous of you.."

But of course that defensiveness is naive as they DO KNOW and are sending these to all those who checked a demographic info box somewhere WHITE

They are not likely sending this same mailing to the more diverse areas of VA.

My hope is these awful ads get SEEN in those diverse areas and mobilize voters.

Because YES I THINK it is not some entitlement to pay in state tuition. I don't think it is giving a benefit to any kid to allow them to enroll in school at an in state tuition rate.

I think of it moreso a dis-incentive that we have higher out of state tuition rather than a gift that our tax base thinks education worth supporting to some degree. I think out of state tuition is frankly really stupid to begin with. I think supporting education with MORE of a tax base would be optimal.

Let's support funding higher education more so it is accessible and affordable and not like it is some great privilege we need to compete to win.

I am so disgusted by the framing of this issue.

My perspective is that MY KIDS are starting off with a better foundation for success than those with less educated parents, less command of English, less whiteness frankly.

My perspective is that we who grow up with such advantages ARE NOT the ones social safety nets should be seeking to support.

Heck I think lower tuition FOR immigrant kids who's parents are earning minimum wage and who's parents couldn't help them with homework too well as English is their second language and they are never home due to working three jobs to pay for basics IS SOMETHING I AS A TAXPAYER AM HAPPY TO SUPPORT.

I don't RESENT that my kids have to compete with many others , in fact the MORE competition perhaps makes my kids LESS privileged. I just think it fundamentally STUPID that kids would have to compete AT ALL to get into college. But if there is a competition at least make it a FAIR one, level the playing field and let everyone in on the game.

Allowing access to all kids to try to get into colleges by offering the same price to all seems to me to level the playing field. Regardless of race or region one lives in.

I don't see that as a bad thing frankly to have more competition in the marketplace for my individual kids.

My kids will be alright. They will have to learn a work ethic to succeed. They each have unique gifts they will develop and thrive at.

Most of all I want my kids happy and healthy and finding what they love and doing it well. I would like a GOOD Education for my kids as a way to facilitate their growth and that process. To me that MUST mean a DIVERSE environment with students of different backgrounds, cultures, races and perspectives.

I can't IMAGINE sending my kids to a homogeneous higher educational environment.

I WORRY That our public colleges here are getting so competitive but that there is a problem with them also becoming MORE WHITE PRIVILEGED.

There are ARTICLES about the favoring of VA colleges of the white and wealthy. I have read more than a few.

There are books on the topic nationally- Here is one

This is not a matter of opinion folks. Its a matter of FACT of how admissions to college work.

I of course am informed by my views as I DO HAVE TWO BI-RACIAL children.

That happens to be a fact those marketers did not figure out before sending me what I see akin to as HATE MAIL.

I was so personally offended and the thought was accurate
"You really are so presumptuous to think you know who I AM."

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