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2017-10-28 - 9:14 a.m.

Reading a couple of very good articles

From this one take away

Need execs who do not suspend their moral compass.

And from another about what happened in the Financial Crash which we need to be mindful of to not repeat, main point was :

We need execs who do not suspend their moral compass;
and employees who are not willing to be ignorant because they are comfortable and their livelihood (in their mind) is dependent on their remaining or feigning ignorance.

Yes it was greed that caused the financial collapse; but human nature also caused what I see as a very fear based problem which was a huge contributor and this was the BASIC human SURVIVAL instinct which created the collapse. In our world people's desire for a decent job to provide for families is motivated by a survival instinct. We don't care to just subsist any more, to not be KILLED on a daily basis but now feel this NEED for the more elevated parts of Maslov's desires. People are fearful of seeing and speaking the truth afraid if they do so they will not be able to provide for families and afraid to ever go down a rung on their level of existance as experienced.

Why else would all these people work in fields like accounting and financial sector to begin with rather than doing what they love?

Either they LOVE MONEY

I suppose a few truly do love math so figure may as well get paid to do that... but they are the rare outliers..


They just need to provide for family and its the best job they can get.

Caring for family basic needs becomes the motivator and higher value for many; and for many at the expense of those other higher values in a very strange irony. We don't want to be brought back to basics and yet there is an inversion of values which I see happen in such an oxymoron.

Many sell themselves in SOME manner , sell off parts of their selves, to keep the home, the roof and the car which is used for the long commute.

I can say that as I sit there doing financial accounting , working on Excel spreadsheets that have formulas someone built in WHICH I WANT TO FULLY UNDERSTAND.

I am learning more each day but it feels like a sell out at some point to be doing something I don't LOVE to be sure there is a house for my kids to come to.

Even thought I am not home as I have to commute to work.

As far as my work, now I am working with the granular, with just part of the puzzle pieces.

But it is the BIG picture I am FAR more interested in ,

and the granular detail of the logic behind the calcs.
The math calcs themselves actually...
rather than the SQL and getting the accounting right.

I want to KNOW I am supporting something ETHICAL.

That is hard to do when looking at one piece of the puzzle.

I have trust issues.
And I DON't Have math skills.

That is the difference between me and most.
Most are naively trusting

so companies can create machines that spit out formulas and literally choose to round or capitalize as they want with these tools that most don't understand.

Then they can hire those who are NOT mathematicians to work the machines, and crunch the numbers that are spit out and do the validations and send out the reports...

All without truly understanding or knowing a damn thing.

I want to ask more questions.

I know this in the past made me an employee liability and I don't really care about that.

There is such emphasis on performance and metrics and I think that can create a climate where employees look more at their single widget and not the big picture.

That scares me more than a little bit.

That is what keeps me up at night.

I damn well will not take on a role in which I am a fiduciary unless I fully understand the big picture AND the granular detail as well.

Therein lies the problem.

Companies have responsibility to hire people who REALLY GET IT.
GET BOTH an understanding of each puzzle piece and the big picture and the larger markets affected,


And the rest of us truly are dependent on those hiring choices.

DAMN it weighs on me more than the thought of commitment in an individual relationship to think

I have committed , for a time at least , to a COMPANY.

The Risk Is Real.

Not just for ME but for us ALL. I hope those driving the development and running of these corporate machines ALSO all feel the weight and responsibility of this.

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