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2017-10-28 - 11:55 p.m.

I hadn't read about the agency my son signed a contract with for his print media work before tonight.

They are legit

I knew that, as he also is represented by one of the best talent agencys for theater in NYC.

He has had some incredible auditons, first , second and third call backs.

He has not yet landed a role but among the ones given serious consideration for were some amazing opportunities. He was honored to be considered. He has auditioned for some well known folks who are now producers. (Former actors we all know by name. Respecting both his and their privacy!... and broadway work most are now familiar with...)

The week before last he told me he had a tough day with an emotional low, as he has had so many auditions but then not being offered the contract; so is waiting tables at a job he enjoys and doing alot of work on his physicality ( HE needs to continue to work on dance. He believes he didn't land a seriously incredible opportunity at one of the leads in a leading broadway show...because his dance was not strong enough. He had the acting and the voice skills, but he thought the third and final audition, which was dance one, is where they chose someone over him).

So he continues to do body work (as he calls it). He said then it was almost miraculous as the very next morning, on a Thu morning, he got FOUR emails back- all around the same exact time sent, which he saw when he opened his messages that morning. He was so overjoyed and reminded that he is doing what he is meant to be doing. One doesn't get four emails from casting director who you read for previously if not having the talent they think may be what they need when the right role comes along for his type!

He says casting is truly ALL ABOUT TYPE.

The agents indicate each person really has to market WHO THEY ARE at their core and has to decide what character type they want to play.

Fascinating to me.

Being typecast is in fact the whole idea of talent agencies.

Opposite what I would have anticipated!

So I had read about his theater/TV/Film agent, but he has double representation as apparently print media and tv commercials are cast by different kind of agency.
So Dual representation is embraced in the industry as these agents work together and compliment each other's efforts rather than compete.

So he will land something yet.

Until then he is happy to have a waiter job he likes where they value him and are flexible when he has auditions.

I am proud of his singular focus and his efforts and his dedication.

I can see why this agent picked him up, as yes he is very unique and special. Even when young he would not be limited and if there was not something out there for him to be cast in , at a young age he decided he would create content.
He directed, produced, and made work in a variety of media outlets- film, theater, art exhibits and has an extensive background of impressive experience.

As a teen he worked on a television show, editing. He created a film and won a film festival contest. He won an internship at a media institute and then created another film. He received the one scholarship NYSSA gives out one year; scholarships in HS and college. He produced and directed a play at a professional company while still in high school. He directed an international collaborative multi-disciplinary art work in Asia which received rave reviews. Some of those actors catapulted a career with the reviews from that show which enabled them to really stand out in the city they live in.

I don't like to give specifics here about my kids lives.
And also like to keep myself anonymous... and too much detail could make that less likely.

This young man however is exceptional and destined for stardom.

That is not an exaggeration and it is something that was just very obvious from when he was very young as he was exceptionally gifted at the arts at a young age. This kid heard music in symphonic multi part harmonies at age three and tried to draw what he heard out in pictures. It was so astounding that I tried to transcribe and capture what he sang as he drew. HE was alternating between the lines of sound explaining that they were to be heard together , all at the same time.

I regret I transposed one small bar of music in that piece he called "The Windy Day" which is up in the attic in storage. I think there is a cassette tape somewhere but I am not sure.

I so regret I did not have the skills to capture that for him.

Off to bed. It was a nice day as I realized my daughter who sings with a philharmonic orchestra chorus has a concert I may be able to attend as I do not have work that weekend!

I called her last Sunday, after I ran the MCM 10K and was on my way home and she said "I can't talk now as I am in a concert now".

That was a concert with a professional choir but she had not mentioned this particular one to me! I had enjoying time with both my gentleman friend and her and a couple of her friends just about three weeks ago, and it did not occur to her to mention this. But its something she is used to in her daily life- regular rehearsals and regular concerts. She sang last season, so this season it was not brand new to her! Last season I looked up the scheduled concerts but for some reason did not yet do so for this year!!

In other news one of my high school girls is in a play at her school. The other auditioned and did not get cast. The other also auditioned for the All State Honors chorus and did not get it. It just has to be exceptionally difficult for that one daughter of mine as her siblings are all doing these wonderful creative artistic things, and she goes to audition after audition and does not make the cut. She is no less talented by nature than them. She just gets nervous and doesn't audition well, and then because of that gets less opportunities so they progress where it is more challenging for her to continue her artistic growth! She seems increasingly angry and I think that is out of frustration.
There is no doubt some jealousy and I see this anger and jealousy come out when she snaps at her sisters, corrects them, and is a bit unkind and condescending. Its difficult to watch as then it requires me to offer correction and guidance to HER which just kinda stinks as it just adds to esteem issues. She doesn't really need someone telling her she is not being the best and should be nicer, or more understanding, or more patient and that she is being mean... Its all the message she needs to change and what she is doing is not good enough (True enough about her putting others down DOES need to change and TRUE it is not good enough for you to be self rightous and judgemental and unforgiving of others! However that doesn't HELP her feel any happier and I think she really won't be nicer until she is a happier person. Her misery is self inflicted of course as she is the one comparing herself to her siblings,but regardless what she needs is not that being pointed out to her BUT COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING.

Not the "I love you , Now CHANGE" message...
At least not right now. I think what she needs is to learn who SHE is and to learn to LOVE HERSELF

and to learn THAT IS ENOUGH. I Want her to be comfortable in HER OWN SKIN doing her very best and not caring what anyone else things nor living to please others.

I feel like all she ever does is want to be meeting other's standards.

That is a recipe for unhappiness I think (Especially if around some for whom the standards are never static but change such that it is IMPOSSIBLE to ever meet them! That is the toxic type of person to be around- one who is only judging , and for whom nothing EVER IS OR WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH. The fear I have is that after being around that for so long, she herself now DOES THAT and she herself is manifesting that same type of personality or tendency to not only be self critical but overly critical of others. In this case her family, not just her sisters but me as well.

In GOOD NEWS however she DOES seem happy to be creating work with two friends from school. They are working on a creative project together. Recently also she and friend sang at a fair and she enjoyed that. So she HAS learned that if you don't get cast in other's projects to CREATE YOUR OWN!

I am proud of her for that!

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