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2017-11-30 - 10:01 p.m.

Talked to Soren and am so excited he has theater work in NYC.

Was in a film last week;
Two theater pieces coming up - one he described as at a bit of a "sketchy" company. When asked what he meant by that he explained
"I will not turn down good work; even if the company is not really as professional or as serious as I am used to"

So I compared them -asking if there would be a comparison between some of the professional but not exactly top notch he has worked with in the past (some of my favs actually- good work but not the caliber of some but BOY The HEART of their work!) And he said "YES! Exactly !"

So it is an immersive interactive movement production and this is the best part:
Cast of 10 and the other 9 are trained DANCERS

YES! He was the only actor to be cast in a MOVEMENT DANCE production.

That is HUGE for him.

AS he auditioned three times for a big role in Hamilton (OK he did not get it but I think it will not jinx him to say what role as I know MANY OTHERS auditioned and were considered but ALSO did not get this role ---so it won't be IDENTIFYING of who Soren is, or breach any NDAs.... It was PHILIP. YES a lead in the NYC production of Hamilton that he was considered for. Enough to go back for the final DANCE audition- which is where he knows he did not make the cut.

SO this is HUGE for him to be doing this work!

I am just absolutely thrilled.

And the OTHER theater piece he is in is being directed by one of NYC's finest.

He is just thrilled to be in this place currently where he is getting good work and work which is pushing him to grow.

He said it happened just when he let go of caring too much about it and let go of worrying and trying too hard.

Isn't that the way life works?

A lesson for us all.

Relax and let life unfold and try not to orchestrate every move.

It will happen just right if you invest and make effort but then are open to possibilities and do not become too self absorbed! Trust your training and experience and let yourself go with the flow.

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