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2018-01-02 - 11:15 p.m.

New Years gift is that there is a very inspiring post,

talking of the relevance of theater which impacts our world,

from a VERY Famous well known theater org....

so much so I won't name it here....

and my son's picture is in the post.

YES! Of all the actors in NYC and Hollywood,
Soren's pic was added to the FB profile.

It is an incredible honor!

And someday he will be a famous name. Before that happens of course I must stop writing about him.

I think this is the cue.

He is destined to be very successful at his craft as he has talent and drive and commitment. He always said if asked "What is your back up plan?"

"No one ever becomes great at anything if they have a back up plan".

He believed from a very young age that to be an actor DEMANDS that one be committed and focused and dedicated with confidence that with enough practice and work skills will develop and opportunities will manifest IF AND ONLY IF one is 100% Committed to a career as an actor.

Yes he has talent, but more than that he has grit and passion and perseverence with dedicated hard work. Talent is not hard to find, but the commitment and dedication to work hard to become the best is rare.

My son will be one of the greatest actors of his generation. I have no doubt.

So at that, it was a wonderful gift to start off the year seeing that profile !

And a letting go... won't write here of his work. Just as I made a choice to not write much about MY WORK out of respect for the companies I have worked for, for the privacy of them (NDAs of course....But also the propriety of such, as I want to vent about ISSUES and that means some will read this and ONLY SEE issues! So out of respect for my employers past and present, who have hired this so called bi-polar (yeah fair enough diagnosis I know... have the moments of paranoid on occassion)....ADHD...etc flawed imperfect human being....
I let them rest easy as they don't have to ever acknowledge such about me! They can look only at my STRENGTHS which I bring to the table when at work.

YEAH I will save any embarassment, or concern, or worry....
etc... ( I swear I lost my job at one place due to a diagnosis being disclosed.... SO I HAVE LEARNED)...
that is, will save all that , until I am working at my job for some years and ready to give MY TED TALK!


Seriously I had it suggested to me that I should give a TED Talk with great sincerity about overcoming mental illness concerns and being successful professionally. I always thought it a GREAT idea, but not until I am in one professional company at the level I know I can aspire to achieve (Executive Leadership.... not even kidding... if I make it a goal and work on leadership skills and curb paranoia with self care and not being a neurotic workaholic that is possible.....)


But I now know TWO people who have given TED talks. One is Sadie's best friend , and another is a fellow I am just a huge fan of locally.

So the last Soren update. Seriously....
I have to be very conscientious about respecting HIS Privacy because fame is not a far off dream for him, but moreso a soon to be reality.

HE is a working actor in NYC. Good waiter job to support self, and a good dance studio continuing to improve dance skill, and three professional jobs which are a start.... and MANY MANY auditions for amazing opportunities (which he did not land.... but he's been in the room and got called back for almost EVERY audition he went to which is unheard of. I mean the percentage of times he gets a call back is so high... SO EVEN THOUGH he did not yet land a big job, it is clear that will be forthcoming soon enough.

And Soren will be famous. It might be next year, it might be in ten years...

It will happen, and as such is the reality he will be living, I don't intend to write about him here moving forward.

That will be a challenge, but I know I can do this and my instinct tells me it is really important to do.

Darn I was up too late... just wanted to share that joy of the New Year then go to bed! Time flies when having fun; I am surprised at how late it is!

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