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2018-01-04 - 4:34 a.m.

I am going back to bed now.
I woke at 2:30 AM realizing I had corresponded with GEICO telling them they had until today to adjust my bill on my account and honor my existing contract or I would file a complaint with the VA STATE CORP COMMISSION

Complaint filed.

It also sucks I had to pay the erroneosly increased bill for a policy I had PIF through end of Jan.

But I woke realizing I hit the limit and needed to pay the latest larger bill as they are trying to add my 17 yr old daughter to my insurance.

I am pushing back as this kid has her own car (shared with her father) and doesn't drive mine.

I loaned it to her three times total. The third occassion is when she got hit.

I also think it telling that the road she was hit on was a 25 MPH one that changed from 45 MPH into town then to 25 MPH in town . She was driving slowly making a turn and I am POSITIVE the driver that hit her had to be going faster than the 25 MPH! HE was likely cruising along at 50 in the 45 and did not slow down sufficiently as he entered town and she being a new driver made a poor judgement call when making her left turn and thought she had tons of room and time but didn't expect him to fly so fast and he didn't expect the naivity of a new driver to turn into the lane when he was coming. She made a bad call and yes was off on her judgement clearly as she got hit .

But that is all irrelevant to the fact this kid has her own car and her own insurance and does not normally drive mine!

I loaned it to her as she just got a new job. Her FIRST JOB, so I said yes she could borrow the car to go to work.


She only borrowed it three times total in the past year. The third when she was hit.

I forget when the other two were... to go somewhere local.. maybe it was only once before as I can't even think when. I think school once? OR church??

Regardless, main point is this kid doesn't drive my car but GEICO insisted on adding her to the policy and billing me for that.


So I filed a complaint as I kept letting GEICO know I don't agree to that. At first they threatened me saying underwriting may decide not to cover me.

That didn't work as I still said underwriting could decide what they want, but I decided not to add another driver to my policy as there is no other driver of my car.

They likely don't believe me but I am not going to agree to pay $500 a year more for NOTHING.

Not to mention it sucks as then this month I had to shell that out (since I did not yet get a different insurance company.... no I have to battle this out FIRST).

So I OWED them more for the interim short term while this gets straightened out. Which stinks as I awoke to pay the next increased bill

Cause after they gave up threatening me that underwriting might drop me (LEGALLY they figured out that is not possible during the contractual period they ALREADY Agreed to cover me for....)

THEN They started to send cancel letters for non payment of premium. Well I PAID through JAN....
but then they , having tried to add another driver, of course are trying to BILL for such. (I refuse to say have billed for such... think of it as TRYING To as I am rather optimistic one the VA State Corp Commission takes a look they will agree insurance companies have to follow the laws as set up, even basic contract law.)

So I had to suck it up tonight and get myself up to pay the new amount so my policy is not cancelled today.

BACK to bed.
That just kinda stinks. $240

CE la vie.

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