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2018-01-06 - 5:44 p.m.

So I have moved on from still life to listening to more recent music of the bass player. This is just so much fun as I make a potato leek soup tonight for dinner. Unbelievable as I hear this rock band play from a school in India where the bass player has taught in recent years and not only are they damn good, but it is reminscent of

get this

I am hearing riffs like the band Great White Shark...

I am actually naming the real band as it is so long ago think doesn't hurt.

Doesn't matter then connection I had to them, but they were a NY city area rock band that... well ... just rocked.

And this dude's student guitarist is rocking in tunes stylistically reminding me of that music.

It is just so weird

Weird and wonderful

Now hearing that and thinking of THAT old fun stuff!

I just recently pulled out an old Great White Shark CD and listened to it on a long drive up to NY. So I heard that recently.

Weird... band from Delhi playing rock reminiscent of that I listened to in past.

So weird and wonderful.

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