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2018-01-14 - 9:05 a.m.

I have misplaced my phone. Last saw it on Thursday as I ran home after running errands of picking up my new glasses and some other back and forth around town...
Oh yeah, prescriptions for daughter...

It was a night I hoped to get to an arts event for photos for marketing purposes but by the time out of work and completed the necessities (prescription run!) it was too late.

I came in the house juggling things... phone, bags from pharmacy, work stuff, a bag with a salad and sandwich I did pick up for daughter knowing the house didn't have much in it and I had to do grocery shopping.

I distinctly recall my hands being full but then not sure if I ran upstairs to find daughter and check on her or to the puppy to check on her. I keep checking both places,
then wonder if I had my phone prior to talking on land line in my room.

Wherever it is , it is HERE I KNOW THAT.
But again it is the frustration of misplacing something and not being sure when it will turn up.

I know I went to work Friday without it.

It will turn up
Just like my keys did when misplaced them a few times of late!
The ADD of late.. just more instances of misplacing keys and glasses....

I swear it is related to not running and getting the exercise.
Yoga in morning with the puppy was somewhat successful, but it wasn't quite the same cardio and with the puppy I didn't get in the zone long enough I think. Want to keep trying that to get her into a routine and habit of stillness WHILE I am doing yoga.

Will keep trying.

Now to start the day chatting with dear friend who called and taking puppy out and getting girls all up for breakfast and church.

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