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2018-01-20 - 9:40 p.m.

Henry and June as I have called them, ended their relationship some years ago.

Today I helped June move out.

Won't share her story here.

But it wasn't the best of circumstances under which she left her most recent place

and she is in transition.

Staying with friends while seeing what life offers her next.

But the weird thing is after just relaxing at home and watching a TV Show I have on DVD and am hooked on (Its sooooo Good!)
I came onto FB just for a quick min

And see that Henry got married today.

Very happy for him.

But it is just a bit weird.

Weird those both happened on the same day.

We both thought of him today as there were a bunch of plants given away and just one left which no one took.

It was his. June put it out at the curb with a sign "free"
and she said - "Just as well as that was Henry's"

and I had commented

"Yes, it is about time you get rid of that."

Perhaps she truly is finally free of thinking of him , of him affecting her life.
Perhaps she is finally free of loving him and being held back from moving on.

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