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2018-01-29 - 8:22 p.m.

I give up.

So much for horoscope being accurate tonight! IT said something about my stellar organizational skills coming to the rescue in demand, and even mentioned literally my KID would need that help from me!

Well, I did bring kid to the libary, however I did also forget the marketing meeting was set for 6pm so our arrival in town at 6:30 was late. She got out of the house due to sushi as the motivator, but alas...,gave the food BEFORE homework project done... and she has been on phone etc... not doing hw since. SIGH... Its a simple project she could easily do if she wanted. Ce la vie.... will try to help her now !

(So much for stellar organizational skills).

I couldn't yet figure out how to copy and save OR CREATE a logo I need for marketing work.

I have been trying for weeks now

and putting off sending out anything as far as marketing material that is VISUAL since ....

Just sent and email begging if anyone has that image to send it.

Just occurred to me I stupidly should have asked the man I see on occassion (when possible) to help with this one thing just weeks ago...
Darn it is what he does as a graphic artist that runs a promotional company of all damn things...

don't know why the hell I didn't think of that sooner...

But I havent' really talked to him in weeks cause so damn busy.

Did connect last night for a bit.

SO I give up tonight on working on marketing.

I did succeed in a FB Blast that was seen in three days by about 700 thats it for now.


I had tried to use the app I use for newsletters to create a message our of our web page/

Some might call it a failure as there was code sent out in the email blast which did not translate into image... but just htlm code.

I however left it out there , albeit imperfect as I THINK IT WAS A SUCCESS

Here is why! The lead in for it which is ALL one sees on FB And Linked in WAS CLEAN and it has our web page link. It has a nice image. It has a SHORT succinct and clear message.

And I KNOW most people never read a whole attached emailed message AT ALL.

They read THE BLUB

The see the pretty pic

Get the bulleted message

and if interested CLICK THE LINK


So I boosted that post when I created it in the limited time I had BEFORE WORK (and went to work a bit late to get it done....) Thu morn and just called it done.

When I got email saying "People are calling to say the message is messed up"

I responded
"Great, they are calling? IT is working then. Perhaps they will make a donation to support when they call..."


I tell you

DONE but imperfect is the best I can do.

So I never feel badly about my best efforts.

IT is what I could do at this time, and I am proud to have hustled to get it done.


one of my favorite people in the world DID write back to my fb msg "YES I Will get on it!" to my request that he provide support to our arts org!


So in the next day I will make five or six more PERSONAL calls and ask for supporters of folks I KNOW run their own businesses.

And then call it a wrap.

Did the best I can.

And heck, one of my fav and most inpiring artists and business owners and all around fabulous human beings is doing this work and supporting OUR work SO

My marketing efforts ARE A SUCCESS!

Better that one supporter this year and one ad

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY maintaining support and collaboration of that other org and GOOD WILL

as they are fabulous
like we...
and that collaboration is most important. I hope one day we create work with each other as orgs...

that is my next goal. I know this fellow actually suggested it to one of our artists.

In time.

I would like to see them work together again.

But that is not my story...
it will however I hope one day be another story.

All I can do is try to build bridges of good will and support.

And keep doing my best for the folks who benefit from this inclusive arts org. IT really is a special place for many who otherwise might not have their own nitch to be themselves with such joy.

I kinda love being on the board of an org supporting those with disabilities. As I think ALL such boards NEED to include those with disabilities!!

NOW to the 30 min motivation session for my kid! LETS DO IT just get it done...albeit imperfect. She just needs to record a THREE MIN Video explaining a chem lab! SHe can do it! I will film...

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