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2018-02-17 - 7:52 a.m.

My youngest borrowed my computer for her English homework.

When she left it was still open to her writing.

There was a poem called "Weak Tears"

which was a bit surprising for me to see.

phrases such as

I scoff at the idea
Thoughts of childhood for most are of happy memories
Not for me

It was really short, well written

but sad.

I thought she was spared...

OF course she wasn't.
Even the youngest had the saddness of dysfuction all around her.

Even though we left when she was 2.
We left the violence behind

Or rather I left the violence.

And tried to create a safe peaceful space of happy memories.

OF course it is writing, creative writing so perhaps not a personal reflection.

BUT nonetheless, it made me take pause.

Hope this child is happy.

She is the quiet one. The one who pretends to not be smart so as to have low expectations from others.

The one who wants to not be seen.

We should never let any child not be seen.

That is my reflection on the horriffic school shooting.

NO child should be unseen or unheard.

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