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2018-02-19 - 7:21 a.m.


I had a really lovely run yesterday.

My endurance is so good now that when I go for a run I am tempted to go further than I should the first time out after having taken a break from the consistency of regular runs a couple times a week.

I am aware of this. So even thought I felt really good, with just a little tension in my right knee and calf (which I figured was just tightness so about half way through I stretched it out and kept going), as that was not bad and kinda went away after feeling warmed up, I didn't take a super short conditioning run , nor a long one but ran a more moderate 3-4 miles.

I felt great, like I could keep going. I stopped thinking "That's enough, I better just ease back in."

It was really lovely out- sunny and bright and warm yet it had snowed the day before so I was running the sidewalks where snow melted and the paved trail, not the ground which I prefer and find for longer runs (As less impact on knees and joints.)

I was a little surprised to feel tightness and soreness AFTER The run in my right knee.

Not too surprised

But unfortunately last night it became legit knee pain at points.
I put some mentyl on it. I avoid painkillers and know it will heal and go away soon enough.

My knee is just REALLY Tight from the swelling.



In all the training I never overdid it.

I feel a bit of soreness and tightness in my ankles but that is normal. Its just the right knee I strained. So will not be going out for another light run today as I thought. Need to rest it.

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