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2018-03-02 - 3:17 p.m.


Free market

Hey if there is value in Hamilton tickets I see nothing wrong with being a "scalper" if is is legal and I have the good credit to buy them and then sell them at a profit should the show sell out,
for the benefit of my daughter being able to afford college tuition!

AH a Good guide

So Virginia allows IF and only if the original seller of the ticket allows resale!

I need to read the Kennedy Center site carefully!

There are allowances for non profits, including benefit of educational institutions... AH personal education of course NOT a carve out!

Likely a BAD IDEA.

I so wish I COULD afford to just bring the girls. HOWEVER WITH FOUR GIRLS the OTHER Challenge is that for us to go do anything together we always hit that 4 ticket sale limit problem! Its a downright annoyance for large families.

We had this issue in the past.

I had to use two different credit cards and two different names to get 5 tickets to take the girls to some event. I remember having to use a credit card I gave to on of my oldest two kids (I had a card issued to each of them for emergency use which they rarely used as they are both so darn trustworthy and responsible and financially independent frankly! But it made ME FEEL at peace they each carried a card for emergencies! I laughed when once my oldest said "Mom I hope its OK I went to the coffee shop on campus" I mean that happened ONCE when she was in college! She knew money was tight and was so very respectful! She used it for prescriptions and so very rarely something like a cup of coffee which for this child I ENCOURAGED she do once in a while and not worry about it!)

Enough procrastinating... so very excited for my senior and know the finances will somehow all work out!
Back to focus... been a challenge today; well not just today... but of late. I overdid it on a run a couple weeks ago and that impacted my exercise. If I don't exercise my focus is just not as good! Been doing yoga a bit and that helps, but somehow it does not clear my head the way a good run does or a few hours of dancing or even drumming for that matter. *Which last week thankfully I did get in! I did have to get up at 5AM the next day to take my bestie to the airport, and then she missed her flight so we did it again the NEXT day for her rescheduled international flight! She is off at the beach somewhere taking care of self!(She goes somewhere warm each winter to kick the winter blues she struggles with). So while the drumming was just wonderful the lack of sleep made it a challenge. I realized it is not feasible for me to go into DC. (AT least yet... Just when I was thrilled to find the opportunity and the place I think is a perfect fit for me- the reality that its too much set in. I tend to get lost in DC EVERY TIME even when I have directions! It took me an hour and a half to find the place... or more, than an hour and a half to find my way OUT of the city , then the hour drive through VA to home- and it was so very late- well after the hour I thought I would be home and I had to be up just a few short hours later to take bestie to the airport! Ce la vie.

Its been a few packed busy weeks frankly. The week prior to that I was up late some nights doing legal research helping a friend who was pro bono in a matter. Pretty much my own pro bono freelance "business" advice - not a lawyer and won't ever pretend otherwise but I CAN research the law and help someone who is going in Pro Se on a matter understand what is going on. I CAN help friends when called upon to accompany them and be there for support and what I call the sound experienced "guidance" when they are doing something like negotiating a settlement.

It was a very stressful thing to find out kinda last minute my friend REALLY NEEDED My support. I just had to be there for my friend so called into work and rearranged things EVEN THOUGH there was a-lot going on at work ! Some things have to take priority at times.

So I was glad I was able to be a support and the outcome was really good. It may have been different had I not taken the time to be there to be honest. So perhaps that is enough for me to have those moments where I can help someone. Enough for me to have made my legal education impactful and meaningful. I don't have to BE a lawyer for that education and experience to be enriching to my life and others'. Those small moments add up and we never truly know how what seems like the smallest thing in the moment really could have changed the course of someone's life.

We all have special unique gifts and need to remember that. Each of us may not be aware, but each day we truly may make a significant difference for someone.

That matters.

We each matter.

Its helpful to keep that in mind as we do our daily work- whatever it is we are called to do in the moment we are in.

OK back to the work I am called to do... time to stop procrastinating.

It matters. I have to get it done! Then to walk and hang posters on the part of town they are not yet in! That is indeed priority for today before the sun goes down if possible, or if not tomorrow.

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