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2018-03-03 - 1:59 a.m.

There are so many moving parts to the marketing work that for some reason no matter when I start I swear it is 1 or 2AM when I am finished!

I can't believe I worked on this stuff most of today and really just finished now.

I know I am slow....

but sometimes it just seems so ridiculous.

Goodnight finally! HA found this It explains much DARN Darn checked on newsletter I finished at an unreasonable hour last night and scheduled to go out at 10AM this morn. Rather than the 8 or 9AM figured people are sleeping in, don't want phones beeping. Turns out did not go out as I apparently scheduled it for 10 PM! OOPS UPDATE: I feel better having figured out the email blast did not go out as I had too many subscribers on my list serve than the free app allows! WHEW... easily fixed. Oh well... later than hoped but it goes out tomorrow morn finally.

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