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2018-03-10 - 10:19 p.m.

Oh My This is a prayer that my son lands this role he just auditioned for.

I just read reviews and descriptions of the character in a three person play that will be Off Broadway and I am so very thrilled as this it likely it for him.

No kidding here.

He did not land the role of Philip in Hamilton(auditioned with two call backs for that); was called back in a fourth time for an understudy role (which is the same role one of his class mates landed in the touring production; he is autitioning for the Broadway one) but honestly

I just read of the role on an Off Broadway piece and feel like that is so perfect for him.

More than the spot in Hamilton. MOre than a spot on an NBC Drama that would pay great. He will have plenty of those in his career. But to have a very rich character role that is so spot on ...
just so his TYPE

so HIM

I won't even describe his type or his character other than to say he came out of the acting consevatory told that they are going to market him for a TYPE.

The goal is to be type cast.

Its one pedagogy of theater (there a are a few); one philosophy

Method actors however often seek a certain type of character.

Robert Dowey Jr for example always plays some version of Robert Downey Jr. He is the flawed hero. The guy you want to dislike for some traits, for his narcissism, his selfish pride, or whatever the flaw of the character in the moment, yet despite that you can't help but like him.

I just am so excited.

I know of this as somehow I did a search and up came a link to a video no longer available.

And I quickly realized it was created and submitted for an audition as he is not in NY this week. The audition was this week but he had to send a video as he landed a union job in another city for a week on stage elsewhere.

He and his agents were very excited about that run. He had his first equity job.

So he had to send a video for this one.

I am so please he is getting stage work. I think there will be plenty of TV and movie work in the future so it makes so much more sense to start out with the organic theater of being on stage.

I feel like the rest is older person's work. Almost like take that when you need to make money. But for now be the purist and work in live theater for less money while you are young and single and can afford to pay less and just relish
being an artist!

Being able to take incredibly rich roles at small theaters.

I can't wait to talk to him about his week and hear how it went.

But now I am just absolutely thrilled as my gut tells me, and I am so uncannily spot on with these things often, that this is it.

This may be his breakout role.

In other wonderful moments: Yesterday I was happy to have heard from the bass player who called. I am happy to be able to meet him for just an hour over a cup of tea or coffee as he is playing somewhere in VA and between a rehearsal in one part of VA and a gig in another has just a bit of time to come visit with me in my town.
I will be at the arts center in my town helping with the show there, so told him to meet me there after the matinee and after his rehearsal.

So as I am speaking of this to my daughters in the car, I turn on the radio- which I am delighted has a new free trial of Sirius XM Radion, to hear

"So What"

One of those moments.

Then tonight I was so overjoyed to go help out during the show to see my dear, dear friend there who was bursting with joy to be playing with the pit. She is a gifted musician and an email went out two weeks ago that someone could not do the show so there was this last minute emergency to find a person. I referred her but did not know she took the gig.

It was a delight to see her.(I didn't see the show yet but two of my girls did.)

It was funny because my oldest daughter who I just talked to a few days ago asked about her and said she wants to get her a gig in her city.

Her roommate is singing in the philharmonic along with her and they are having a good time with that. Her roommate also signs in a Bossa nova band at an art house, and my oldest says that my friend would be so apprechiated if she played her music there. So my daughter said she is going to find the booking agent from her roommate to try to get my friend here booked as its just the right venue for her music in a city where she would be so apprechiated and embraced.

She is not really apprechiated here by more than a handful. My daughter is correct she is just too big of a personality for a small town atmosphere.

True. There is something different about city folk. Not sure WHY but it seems absolutely true that there is an openness for more dramatic, more intense, more passionate artistic expression; more visceral and daring and real and my friend is all those things.

So it just seemed so poigniant that I tell my dear friend that my oldest just asked about her and wants to get her a gig, and it turns out she and her husband are traveling to that area to see her father in law for his birthday in a few weeks,

Maybe there will be some reason something opens up; someone needing an opening act or someone needing a last minute person to fill in... so I will put the word out and see if there are any venues that could book her for when she is in that city,


In Response my friend is overjoyed at the idea

but then randomly starts to sing a few minutes later as she is picking out a necklace from the table of jewelry made by the artists in the arts program (black beaded)

"Black is the color of my true love's hair".

It gave me chills.

My friend had no idea

but that song was sung by my teacher. It was really his song. The one from the city my daughter and I have been saying we have to get her to. We feel like she just belongs there. My daughter goes so far as to say she needs to get her there to visit as she will just love it and THRIVE there. She will be able to create and perform and be so loved there. When she visits here and we spend time in my friends home my oldest asks "Why is she HERE... she doesn't belong here, she NEEDS to be in a city. She needs to come to MY City "

I feel like she is just so spot on.

Its the strangest thing as her husband is FROM that area. He in fact was trained there as a violinist and is an exceptional classical player. He hates the professional orchestra work however, the stress of it, the lack of joy and absolute nuerotic person he became under the pressure. Its highly competitive and it was just too much for him. He played professionally for years and HE is so much happier now playing at the town Italian restaraunt on a Friday night and picking up the wedding gigs with his quartet playing the classical repitoire. He is happy working another job to get by and playing when he can.

So he is happy with this life in the country, but I think she needs to be in a city where she has more opportunity to play her music.

So there we were , in the arts center,

and my friend starts singing

"Black is the color of my true love's hair"

and I get chills

as that was my teacher's song.

Yes for me it was his song as he sang it regularly.

Interesting thing. The DC teacher... the opportunity I was thinking is not mine to take just yet.

Perhaps not?
Maybe it is time?

Maybe I should embrace it.
We are changing the paradigm at work. The realization sunk in that it is impossible to truly learn some of our job functions by web ex or phone. It is the ability to work together, to have that mentoring, to be able to ask questions in the moment while learning by doing a process which is lost when trying to work remotely with each other.

SO as a team we all agreed we need to connect and work together more.

That means for me, that I need to go work in DC.

It makes sense to go in once a week.

So ironically, some things lined up unexpectedly.

I am STILL going to persue the needs of my children first and foremost.
But perhaps I can ,and SHOULD do BOTH - it doesn't have to be one or the other.

This week I will take them for their consultation with the music therapist(s). I will see what we can arrange for the two girls I am bringing, but then I think I will follow up and see if it is in the cards for me to go work in DC and then drum there once a week.

It just might work.

Maybe it is time.

I believe in signs. I think they are all around and we don't pay attention to them.

So for me it does not seem random to have 'So What' play on the radio when I turn it on, and then to have my friend burst into song and sing the one tune that not only did my teacher sing often when he performed but which also is the one he is truly known for. His true star moment was singing alongside one of the greatest singer of our time in a duet of that song.

I live for moments like these.

I don't ignore the moments which could seem so small yet I think are in reality hugely significant if paid attention to.

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