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2018-03-13 - 9:33 p.m.

Message from my son

mom, maybe your instincts were right.......

i have a callback for ****** on thursday!! wish me luck and i will keep you posted ❤️

The week working at a smaller regional theater was so fabulous for him as well. The regional theater he worked at a workshop of a new musical will cast the musical for Fall. So the awesome thing is if he lands this incredible NYC role it runs over summer and ends just in time for the musical to run so he could be cast in both.

His agents and he are just thrilled.

The other amazing thing is that the graduates from him particular conservatory truly are respected in NYC as some of the best prepared to work. They call back just a handful of young men for the final call back for a role like the one he is going to on Thu. Another one of the handful is one of his classmates! That is just itself so fabulous. One classmate just did work at Yale Repertory Theater mainstage ; one just cast at the Public Theater in NY ; and one in Hamilton.

Other is other work in LA and Atlanta. They are all doing so well since their June graduation.

The school one goes to matters!

I am so pleased that was my advice to the young man from my daughter's high school who graduated last year with an offer to attend a top theater conservatory. I am friends with his parents, and talked to them about this as working out in the community garden actually. I encouraged them to do whatever they could to support him getting to that school and don't worry about the money . He will make MAD MONEY As an actor if he goes there! Seriously he will have no problem paying off his student loans, as the way it truly works is that the agents sign the best student from the conservatorys and they get the auditions and they get the jobs. Its hard for most to get in the room even, but there are a handful of schools that are so well respected for the training of their actors.

There are a few different pedagogies of acting, but from what I have heard from my son Method Acting is hugely respected in NY, whereas LA prefers a different style and methodology of training.

So he is a NY Actor, Stavinaskly style for the most part. Interesting ...

I find it fascinating this training begs the question I come back to again and again...

Can the artist create without destroying him/herself?

Can we undergo any creative act without destroying part of self?

Can we LOVE another without destroying part of our very self (Hopefully our ego...)

One can't birth anything I think unless one turns their whole self over to it.

I think that is the beauty I find in absolutely creative people who live for their art with abandon.

There is both beauty and a seeming recklessness in such abandon to the artistic creative process.

I find it so remarkably moving when I watch one who has truly been open to being in the moment of creation, during which their ego seems to disappear.

It might be only for a flicker of a moment, but that is all it takes to create brilliance beyond oneself.

The juxtaposition of letting go...

to allow creativity to flourish.

I just so am drawn to the paradox.

So my prayer for Soren he gets in that place of being in the zone. not self absorbed but self aware yet comfortable enough to allow the creativity to flow forth from him as he lets go of ego and becomes someone else for those magical moments during his call back audition this Thursday. My prayer is he has such moment of brilliance, of being the conduit without blocks so that the character is so very authentic and alive and moving and REAL.

Soren is so ready for this.

I could not be more proud of him.

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