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2018-03-26 - 8:53 p.m.

I pride myself in being efficient at times.

Meeting today was productive in the last two minutes.

I made a suggestion we cut to the brainstorm of ideas of TO DO to quickly see if we could come up with some action plan when 5 min left.

Got shot down.

So at the 2 min mark I then finally stopped being patient and threw out...

YES a brainstorm

and gently hinted

so it then came back as someone else's idea


We got it done!


Not a wasted hour after all.

We have a group "to do" item all agree on that will likely actually be a good use of time an helpful (I hope. You know had we had a brainstorm session as suggested there might have been other, better ideas- but for some reaon the facilitator this time is opposed to hearing a few ideas from a few people) Ce la vie When it comes to leadership and getting it done.

I am a master!
They just don't know it yet.

Good leadership only really takes a couple of minutes in reality.
Tough with resistors, but still achievable to lead effectively.

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