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2018-04-04 - 11:26 p.m.

The house is finally quiet. I was trying to maintain my patience as the girls were being loud still talking after 11 pm.

One goes on a school trip tomorrow so is hyper and excited.

I am just tired and thankful the house is finally quiet!
I came here to just think I suppose, maintain my patience, and edited the last entry (something I don't often do but if had time would! The misspellings are annoying but I rarely read what I wrote after its creation.)

This week two of my girls go on school trips which is really nice for them both. One is already gone, and the 2nd leaves bright and early.

Soren sent me an article about what it takes to get into one of the hottest broadway shows. He shared that it did make him cry to read it but it was really moving and inspiring and reminded him that there is a plan for him that will work out in time.
The article was about the actor who landed the role in one of his more recent auditions which he had been called in for a number of times.

I don't know if he was the actor that it came down to being considered between the final two...
but the article talked of that... how 10 came in and did the dance auditon piece and eventually it came down to two.
I do know he was told he was auditioning for the broadway role and the actor who landed it initially went in for an audition for the touring company but was offered the broadway role.

I am happy he shared the article with me and know his time will come. It must have been very emotional to not get the part and then read about the actor who did land it. HE is very humbled and proud to have been considered but also I can just imagine the emotional weight and understand how hard it is to keep trying over and over when you are in the final consideration but then the job goes to the other final candidate.

Perseverence however will benefit him in the long run, along with his commitment, continued hard work and belief in himself.

I had interviews over and over again where that happened to me. He will land his role yet!

In good news one of his company members that he graduated with did land a part in Hamilton, and another landed a role in a Shakespeare production at the Public Theater. So it is really clear the actors coming out of his school are truly some of the best prepared for professional work in NYC and elsewhere and are landing work.

Of course when he does land roles I will not mention them here! But I CAN write about the almost there moments...

Following his journey is in itself a wonderful drama.
Between this and following the process of my one girl in choosing her college, I have been on the edge of my seat so to speak! Its so nerve wracking for me in a way to be so emotionally vested in their well being.

The college bound girl however made her decision it seems. She made a comment that she is so indecisive and that frustrated her! I think she really KNOWS where she is going, but she just won't commit fully until she hears from the last few schools. She received an acceptance but is waiting on financial aid from one NY School. (That was her so called "reach" school that accepts 24% of applicants! So it is an honor she recived a beutiful acceptance letter saying they were really impressed by her ability to remain so positive and accomplish much while living with her disability of POTS. They had a real sensitivity and understanding of the challenge that she pushes through with perseverence.

I think the letter from them was so positive that she might be surprised and get scholarships which make her really consider that school. She said if they gave her a great package she would love to go there, but if not it will be the small private school that has offered some fantastic scholarships.

SO I guess that means her mind is not really yet made...
Its both exciting and nerve wracking to me! In part because I am such a quick decision maker. I don't like indecisiveness at all frankly, which is a very different thing from patience.

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