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2018-04-15 - 5:52 a.m.

Follow up on one other topic:

My older girl here, the one with POTS diagnosis, was not here when the story of sibling getting in trouble at school was told to her siblings.

(Where the kid walked out of gym class rudely after asking the teacher to turn the music down as it was excessively loud and hurt her ears to the point of her not having tolerance).

So this weekend , she asked me what her sister got in trouble for

I told her and her response was

"OH , yeah, That gym teacher plays the music so loud that I have been in tears because it just bothered me so much. It was just unbearable and I can't cope with that."

So I have two kids: One with anxiety and POTS who chose to handle the pain by crying but not standing up for herself

and one who is ADHD with autistic like traits who spoke up for herself

but then gets in trouble.

Society makes it so hard for young women to learn to have their voices heard.

After hearing the older girl's perspective I am PROUD To say I believe I handled the school "issue" OK.

The only problem is perhaps I should be a little more hands on as a parent. Perhaps I am remiss in not taking on the school more directly and making alot of noise about the fact the damn music is so loud that MANY KIDS Are uncomfortable and some in Pain and that is actually a health hazard.


but I let the kid who does speak up do her own talking.

I try to guide her with learning skills to do so effectively

but sometimes, as those with the highest emotional intelligence know, rightous anger and productive expression of it can be VERY Motivating and Effective to propel needed positive changes forward, yet there are many who are uncomfortable with any expression of anger who will try to quiet angry voices. Angry voices need not always be quiet and should not be ignored. They need not be disruptive and obnoxious either, but kudos to those who effectively articulate anger to call attention to issues we should not be ignoring. That is gift some give to the world. And I won't quiet the voices of my children when they aspire to do such and make a few mistakes along the way of their path of learning by doing this. I am therefore very proud of my daughter, once again, who did speak up (albeit she did not do so perfectly.

I am not taking on this issue for my kids which is one they care about, but rather supporting the one who has wanted to bring it to light to try to learn skills to do so effectively.
I have to go back to sleep now. The dog was at my door at around 4AM and I heard her so took her outside for a bathroom break. I had on my mind the need for me to find my W2 for my son who needs a guarantor for a NYC apt. Who expected the problems with finding one's own records that I am having DUE to the wonderful innovations made with technology today? Its fanstastic I can efficiently just have the W2s delivered electonically to the IRS with a click of a button... BUT it is also a bit disturbing that when I need a copy of W2s it is such a PAIN To FIND ACCESS To them! The one from work is visible ON A WORK COMPUTER I can't email anything with Personally Identifiable Information due to remarkable and wonderful security settings on my work computers. It's fortunately, as they used to say, like Fort Knox. No getting that emailed. My old employer who placed me on the contract at my current work site also has a W2 as I shifted from contractor to employee mid last year. In my own efficiency , after taxes done BUT BEFORE the ask from my son, sometime in early Jan I just had DELETED all the old emails on my computer. CLEANED UP CLUTTER as I hate that clutter... but also cleaned up by deleting all those old employment related emails. I am having a heck of a time trying to get to the site and log in to try to pull my W2. After trying I have to do this the old fashioned way... Call HR and have them mail a hard copy, Pain in the ass as we all know that is not easy any more... it will be an on line request form and hoops to jump through... SHEESH This is a pain and I wished had time to successfully navigate this during the last week. My son received the rental application with my signature as guarantor, and my tax returns. They want employment verification and W2s from past couple of years as well. Sheesh... He has a room for rent in Harlem for $800 a month, in an apartment to share with other actor(s) . He is ever so grateful to the parents of a classmate who have rented for just utlities to himself and another actor as these three embark on their acting careers. He has been very blessed to have been living in Queens this almost past year while getting established. I think the actors in his company are all doing remarkable. The biggest challenge is being able to afford to live in LA or NYC while first starting out in those markets auditioning . So he is blessed to have found this affordable apt. I just hope I can get the darn W2s and his application gets approved. Alot riding on this which is why I was up at 4am trying to get it done! I just don't want to get busy and caught up in the day and FORGET About it.... That ADHD trait.... Doesn't matter how IMPORTANT something is! It will STILL get forgotten or just not done if one with ADHD does not have a good organizational system and skills and tools to push through the natural tendency and limitations! GETTING UP SUPER EARLY to focus on important things without distraction is one of my personal favorite techniques for success. 4AM seems to be my productive hour. I just TRY TO remember not to send emails then. Sometimes I hold off until 6 or 7 but that is also really still too damn early.... Waiting to send it a better tactic. No one should be sending emails outside of 9-5 even if they work odd hours! That is my #1 professional tip! But I give up and back to sleep a bit. I was writing to release the frustration... can't log in to the site I need for the W2!!! DAMN .... Our dear friend even gave me a printer she had that I picked up yesterday in hopes of accessing and then printing and mailing a hard copy OR There Is a possibility I DID get a hard copy mailed so will search and organize and clean my desk space to see if one turns up... If it was mailed it was AFTER I finished my taxes!! And I checked my tax folder and it is not there.

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