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2018-04-15 - 5:28 a.m.

I had lost my purse at a church a few weeks back, when found it the wallet was missing. A couple weeks later I got a call that was found.

So in the interim I had called to cancel cards, get new ones as well as ID.

I had received a new bank card and because did not have a wallet to put it in OF COURSE it got misplaced.

So for the last few weeks I was using a credit card I am trying to pay off instead of my cash (via bank card) from bank account. I have to admit I was a little less careful with my budget as well! We spent more than typical- as I did some atypical things. I figure we only live once, so when one sister actually came to hear the other sing at All State Chorus I just had to take them out for a nice dinner afterwards as one example. That and the Easter dinner with the whole family as another (eating out is a very rare treat as honestly just not in my budget!)

What is fantastic is this lack of using my bank card helped me in the weirdest possible way!

I HIT the limit on my card (which is not a very high one)
and instead of using my own bank card which is what I WOULD Have been using it looks very much to me that I purchased GAS at the cheapest place in town where I work A WA WA Market

and THEN

I am only guessing this had to be a card swipe and someone tying to steal the $ and then immediately use it:

There was a charge DENIED as it was OVER my limit!

This shows on my account:

"Transaction Declined

We were unable to approve the purchase listed below on your Card ending XXXXX as would cause the balance to go above your Credit limit.

In order to help us provide uninterrupted use of your card, please spend within your Credit limit or make a payment of at least the over limit amount shown below.



Balance *


Credit limit


Over Limit Amount
$3.86 "

What is actually super cool is that this is my AMEX card and I have to report that they have allowed me to go over limit in the past. Then I pay it down. They are really pretty good at that, so I wonder if there is sophistication enough in their computer systems to recognize anomolies and automatically deny them. I do recall having had to make a quick call when traveling to let them really know it was me when they denied some charges out of state.

I think they happen to be exceptional at this pattern recognition.

It may have been a pain to have to call that time they didn't approve a charge when traveling somewhere, but I perfer a credit card company with conservative risk management that protects me than one which is not as good at that.

Heck had I been using my bank card I feel like someone could have just gone to town shopping...
stared at a WA WA and then who knows where they would have swiped the card ...

SO Just a reminder to be VERY CAREFUL when swiping credit cards at gas stations and elsewhere!

I feel like I just lucked out!

And will call AMEX to report that was not my charge as perhaps they will be careful and send me a new card and #
just in case.

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