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2018-05-14 - 10:00 p.m.

People actually read this!


I wanted to post a note after reading a blog I enjoy (Jimbo.... this is for you:

I ended on my OWN note page! instead of where intended

It took me a few min of reading to realize the notes were TO ME...


It's just MIRACULOUS I keep my job! YES I am as goofy wherever I am.

Today I got kudos for great leadership of facilitating an event.

I gave the instructions, taught everyone how to do the task,
got them all rockin and rolling...

THEN After all were on track and noone else seemed to need help

I jumped in to help out and do it along with them.

It's quite hilarious to me,
how I can be a great teacher but then I try to do the damn thing and am muddling through just messy, slow, with mistakes.

Just a different skill set!
I thought of this after ended up on my own note page.


It really WAS A good day at work.

One hour of re-work to fix a mistake I made... yeah it happens; two hours of facilitating a project that the boss running that event said was very well done; Kudos from Director for getting folks on board the project


I did not get lost getting home from the big city! AND it did not cost me a ridiculous amount in a commute!

I DID get on the bus that was re-routed to wait out the weather while a tornado was passing.

When you see a swirling cone of a cloud and the national weather service is blasting those siren like signals on the radio in warning, and the sky is green from crytals of hail in the swirling cloud,

THAT is the moment when one is truly grateful for the common sense of the bus driver that decides

"We are getting off this road now and finding somewhere safe to wait this out."

It was a better commute home than my ADHD Moment of LAST week which involved waiting at the wrong corner for a bus, which of course was never coming

I thought of Waiting for Godot....

and it felt like an existential crisis moment as I was standing there realizing I had about 4 min left on my phone battery, I must be at the wrong corner where I waited too long , and had no cash and was 50 miles from home the night all four girls were coming to my house.

I texted the responsible daughter who texted me back telling me where the next and LAST bus stop ACTUALLY Was; then hailed an old fashioned cab and seven minutes later hopped out at the corner of that stop

two minutes after bus was to have passed it.

I hope I didn't tell this story already. It was worthy of sharing...
so I may have, but I may have decided it was too mortifying to admidt OR perhaps I mentioned it to a co-worker and it might be mortifying if they recognized me here... but hey why the heck would THEY be reading Diaryland?


and I work with millenials....
for the most part.

But he we old persons WERE Cutting edge once...

this was hip and new

once upon a time.

SO after reading note I came here determined to figure out how to upload a pic of the pup.


Ah truth be told I have to upgrade to Supergold.
AH will do...will do

soon enough.

But not this week.

The missing bus ended up being a $70 commute...
teen interrupting me...
so sorry will not finish the story now.

Need to tend to princess who has boudary issues....

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