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2018-06-08 - 11:07 p.m.

I love the solace of a few moment of reading other's stories here.
My heart especially goes out to a cabby in NY trying to have a better life by having moved to a better place, then taking in a tenant and having the subsequent war with family begin.

DAMN one tries to do what is best for their family
So hard when there are struggles like that.

This guy has a tenant who actually is well aware of tenant's rights.

So if you read this buddy...

Yeah, Legally the tenant is spot on . In NY there are some very clear tenant rights/ 36 pages of them here..... (of course when renting space in your home not all apply... but many do such as NOTICE of entry! If there is a separate entrance and you rent the space, basically even though you own it in the act of renting you give up right of use and right of entering and invading the privacy without giving adequate notice. SHORT OF AN EMERGENCY..... so one has to be careful when going in to do repairs.

SO I feel for a guy who is trying to be a good landlord but who has family being challenging.

They are just hurt....more likely at the fact there is space which they are not able to use than anything else I am going to guess. Sometimes those NOT paying the bills do not really have a good undertanding why some of us have made choices to share our homes.

I know when I rented I had no other option in order to stay in my home and provide a safe space for my girls. That came with a bit of crazy.... tenant as nutty as this family has been at I rented to them (The Jerry Springer Live Couple) as I have a place of empathy for those trying to get their lives together with mental illness.

I have a place of empathy for the young adults challenged trying to be independent, working, trying to be adults and parents and believed that young couple in their 20s with the little brand new baby could be OK if they had a good environement to live in.

I hope when MY girls are all young adults, epecially the ones most challenged with their own issues, there is someone willing to rent to THEM to give them each that chance to be independent and successful with a safe place to live with opportunity nearby.

These young people tried... They got jobs, they found child care, they found a dr. right across the street...

but the mental ilness the gal was struggling with was just too much of a challenge and in the end they could not remain here because they did not have skills to live together and learn to get along without volatility.

I think of this as I so envisioned a happy, peaceful home when I left my Italian sometimes hot headed to point of abusive husband.

Its peaceful now, but we had the odd juxtaposition/ transition of abusive teen hurling unrepeatable insults (ok they were not THAT bad tonight... I just really like that phrase).... but nonetheless nasty insults to her sister and then me when I addressed her behaviors,
as she was tying to bully, she escalated and got even more controlling. Finally it abated and she puts on ENYA- yes the absolutely odd combinaton of hostile almost manic anger and then peaceful Enya. We weathered the storm of the moment, she calmed and then we all sat down for the homemade Lentil soup and biscuits I made for dinner. BUT WHY , OH WHY must she INSIST on the angry outburst of disruption of peace just so she can seek control and dominance of others? SO !*#&!## UP! And so much de ja vu.... Thought I got divorced over a dozen years ago to be rid of this kind of crazy!

Essentially her sister dared to use the TV. That was the source of her discontent.

I did my best to enable the one who rarely does to be able to watch her music videos via the TV monitor. Dominant teen is almost ALWAYS using it and taking over our living room.

I made the mistake of letting her borrow my laptop.

That was a slippery slope.

She would then go on it for HOURS at a in ALL THE TIME Almost when I was at work.

She linked it to the Playstation appended to the TV and felt the living room was the most comfortable room.

So she overtook that space.

First the issue was she did not have adequate clothing storage and she moved here with all these bags of clothes and stuff placed in the living room.

I bought a dresser.

It was in my budget... meaning a cheap one.

I saw a BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture really cheap on Craig's list but when saw it during a very busy week at work couldn't even imagine the logistics of how to take care of such transaction and getting it to my home. I don't have a truck.

I have a KIA Soul


So after ordering the dresser, the month of encouaging, cajouling, begging ensued before the dresser was ASSEMBLED.

*Assemly was another $100 I think....or close to it.

Well, it might have been worth it to pay for that in hindsight. THE GIRLS together did get the dresser together. however the drawers fall off track. The main framing of it seems to not be tight enough for the drawers to smoothly move in and out.

That teen has NO Patience to just open a drawer GENTLY so it doesn't go off track, and close it gently.

She also said if I got her a dresser she would organize her clothing.


Piles of clothes are in her room. WE DID get all the bags out of living room at least a month ago.

This past weekend's accomplishment was getting piles of clothing in baskets or bags out of the upstairs hall. I folded much laundry.
Problem is that I fold it and the girls DO NOT Put it away!

So there are baskets I put in the hall just outside the bedrooms' doors with their clean laundry and I ask them to put the clothes away.
They sit there and eventually OTHER things get thrown in the baskets.

SO I need to crack the whip basically so to speak....
be the enforcer, which I did last weekend. I finally made them sit as we went through random clothes thrown in piles or baskets in that hall to determine what was there as it was intended to be gotten rid of. I tell the girls to organize clothing in their room and put a neat pile in the hall of things to be rid of all the time.

So last Sat my biggest accomplishment was going to drop off seven (albeit small grocery shopping size) bags of clothes to a thrift store.

I walked in and saw a beautiful couch, the colors of my living room- this was at an AMVETS

for $30!!!

IT was tagged $60 but more than 30 days old on the date on tag on which it was sanitized.

The clerk told me any tags older than 30 days have prices cut in half.

But I found it on a rainy Sat evening at 5:30 pm...

and I have a KIA SOUL.

If I could rent a truck for just a couple hours that couch might actually be worth getting if it is still there a week later.
Maybe I will be in luck.

But the thing is,
and this is so personal....
my girls are truly not all that mature yet as a pack ....
I think of them like a pack of animals sometimes! Truly... when they pack against me... or when they exhibit kinda gross behaviors more often associated with boys....
teen boys can be gross, right?

Yeah... so can teen girls.....
It might sound awful but I don't want to spend even $30 on anything nice for my living room which will not be taken care of. I would rather keep the old crappy, ripped up couch I have with a couch cover I can clean regularly than have a nice piece of furniture which will not be respected and likely ruined.

But for $30... perhaps I could go through the effort. It just seems like such a big lift for me....literally...and my energy has been low lately.

SO I initially started to come here tonight to save some information I just came across I did not know before-

There is a connection between mitrovalve prolapse and POTS

I was doing a search on Amazon on POTS because we all know AMAZON rules the world now...
and that is because there are people out there like me who procrastinated and left stuff for the last minute....
or didn't have money and had to wait til pay day...
and really need that overnight shipping....

And I have a graduation party to plan. Of course it is this weekend , Sunday, so what better time to plan than NOW???

Well....maybe tomorrow...I am tired...

but I might get one thing done.
The graduating senior wants to include some dystomnia awareness

She said she wanted little blue ribbons, just put on individual iced tea packages that people can take with them.

Some sign of dysautomia awareness...

I figured see if amazon had any specific ribbons or other things that would work for her graduation party on Sunday. And if they have overnight delivery.

I did ask if she wanted a theme for her graduation party and that was what she said YES ! Dysautomnia awareness

She gets so angry at me i can never remember what it is called....
I am tired....

back to browsing amazon....

quirky kid.
I know this is important to her...

But it is her GRADUATION

so I really expected a more fun theme.... like HARRY POTTER cause she STILL loves all things Harry Potter...

That was my suggestion, just make it a super fun silly themed party for kicks..

We will get creative , try to make this thing fun.

This might be as fun as it can get.... a cute T shirt and maybe somehow play on the salt theme??? TO manage POTS sodium intake needs to be dramatically increased. Salt tablets are taken. Water intake has to be dramatically increased as well. When she was first diagnosed and before receiving medication she had to drink obcene amounts of Gatorade or she would be fainting. She was just dropping....

HEck... Guess we will have Gatorade at the party. That was preceded by the thought she got so sick of it that would be happy never to drink it again after having to have copious amounts of that daily for a time....
But since taking medicine water suffices. Now she just drinks large amounts of water in conjunction with medication.

So I think she might like the idea of Gatorade as the beverage at the party...

Whoo hooo....
we are going to live it up! (LOL)

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