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2018-06-12 - 10:08 p.m.

Damn I can't believe I am reading this right now:

I don't REALLY know what this is ...meaning don't know WHY when I got out of bed this morning I could barely stand and felt my right knee buckle.

The left also feels pain and stiff soreness and weakness

Weight is not the issue for me clearly

its inflammation

But I THINK it meets the description of the above! And yes, arthritis runs in family, but worse while I was SO PROUD of my running being good for my health the past few years, it may have in fact been bad for my knees- in particular after I damaged the hip flexor and then there was more pressure on my hip.

I was excited I RAN this weekend for the first time in months. I Was HAPPY that it was not so bad! I just ran a short period, motivated by the fact that I had to work a couple hours Saturday, however wanted to work in my garden.

So Saturday morning I took the dog for a walk, headed to the garden where I was going to work a couple hours. I first however made a phone call to a dear friend I had to invite to my daughter's Graduation party the next day! Of course last moment invite...
and then chatted with her quite a while.
So I got started later than planned on my weeding.

AT some point my cell phone rang and it was WORK!

They were READY for me to do what is called a "Shakeout" of our latest software release , for which I am the business user testing new capability.

Now, knowing this was a shakeout after a database switch, and knowing the rate of pay software and enterprise architecture engineers and developers get paid....
I had GREAT incentive to get my shakeout done ASAP

I mean I don't want to make them wait and have the company paying for this whole team, along with the executives on hook waiting to approve a system change...etc...

By delay...

So since the team was READY for me one hour EARLIER than expected! (I was on point between noon and 2pm- but got the call at 11AM!) Well...

I RAN home.

I stopped at first and stretched pretty good after having sprinted off. Truth be told the strech of my right hip flexor HURT like hell

and I was reminded of the scipt I got a few weeks ago now....
which says Physical Therapy 2X a week for six weeks.

DAMN I got as far as getting to my Dr. and following her order of taking Ibuprofin for a few weeks...

OK well, She said take 3 TAB 2X a day for three weeks (I know now as found the script tonight since now incentive of NOT being able to support self well on KNEES is very motivating to make the darn physical therapy appt!)

SO I DID find relief from the 2Tabs of ibuprophin (Damn I spelled that wrong. The same word one child of mine ended a spelling bee on a few years back!)... for 2 weeks rather than 3....

and realized I as SLEEPING all night without shooting sharp pain waking me up, so figured the swelling and inflammation was under control and abated.

SO on Sat, I felt like I was really recovered very well!

So I thought the very short run was fine!

The pain was when I streched (which I did anyway figuring having not been active other than walking a bit of pain when stretching that tight muscle was normal)

Now I am not one of those hypocrondriacs that when they hear of sympotms start to be convinced they have them

But it is so very odd that this happened NOW

RIGHT After my oldest daughter told me she was just diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome.

POTS which is the diagnosis of one of her younger half sibs (Which another is being screened for by a specialist and at the last Dr. visit they said looks likely she has that too), is sometimes related to hypermobility which -
get this

Caused in my daughter

a break down of the cartilage in her knees.

She was concerned about the arthritic like pain and testing positive for nuclear antibodies and at first we were both concerned perhaps she had Lupis which her grandmother had!

She also had hair loss and it turned out a Vitamin D deficiency.

Hypermobility seems less concerning than lupis! That is the good news in this.

She went to a rhumetologist who actually identified those symptoms.

Well.... Dog at my door. so depite being in PJS and knees hurting time to take THREE ibuprofin and go for a walk.

This time, no running,
and it will be short.

As I say

CE la vie...
never know what life will bring.
JUST when it is ALL GOOD and PEACE is on the horizon

There is a new challenge.

we had a BEAUTIFUL Graduation Party for my lovely high school senior daughter!

It was so nice!

AND my computer works! (at least now)

There has been a hardware issue....
blue lines on screen...
seems like motherboard crashing... but not yet done... some parts burned perhaps? Hit or miss if it turns on.

The good news is my teen is not using it anymore! LOL She saw it crash and knows its dead.

OFF Limits to her.
I HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK! (When it works!) IN PEACE....when it works...

It feels so liberating, even with the quirks of it.

I am not confident it will not crash when I create newsletter for the art org...

and I cant figure out the password for application I use. So that makes it hard to go log in at a library!


I just feel old..

Need to have all I need to reset password and then work on draft at library TOMORROW!!


need the email the account is in...

I have this all SAVED on this computer that is hit or miss when working... and only opens internet explorer sometimes.

I will figure it out.
I HAVE TO, as our first summer event is THU so HAVE To send out a blast to all right before then...somehow.

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