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2018-10-28 - 2:48 p.m.

Life is good
Home laptop is dead
So don't have opportunity to write much here; but for occasional writing when visiting the library to do things like get directions (still rely on old crappy cheap $35 Tracphone ) , pay a bill or find a coupon for an oil change.

Today I did enjoy going to the MCM.
Did not run , as still not 100% however have gone to physical therapy and my injury has been helped and is healing.

I was happy to go running the weekend before last for the first time since the pull of the groin muscle in my right leg.

It felt great to be able to run, albeit not far- just about 1/2 mile or so - to the high school and back.
Then last weekend I ran the local WO&D Trail near home on Sat along with my dog, for a longer run- about 2 miles total.

On Sunday night I realized I needed some cash as had to take the commuter bus to DC on Mon morn, so headed out as walking the dog to stroll to bank and take out $20. It was FREEZING that night, and as I had on my Newtons, decided to run to the bank. I was highly motivated as after start running, when cold out it is just irritating to walk slowly in the cold when I can run and get there faster and typically be more comfortable (at least temperature wise!).

So it felt GREAT to get the run in.
At least that night it did- a quick , fast run I was happy to be able to do (again less than 1/2 mile.)

However, boy did I feel it the next day! I felt like I had run a marathon!

Seriously, the heaviness of legs, and post race soreness feel.


And it was not even a long run.

I also then got the very typical post race cold- after having pushed body to limit that often happens in the muscle recovery phase.

I thankfully kicked those cold symptoms finally this morning, after a few days of them along with achiness.

So I awoke at 4:30 AM and drove then took the metro in to make my way to cheer on my Semper Fi Fund team members- My Marine and his wife and sons who are here in DC from North Carolina for the weekend.

I was not up for the pre race pasta dinner so stayed home last night.

I am happy however I made it there, and cheered them on! My friend (the better half- the wife) was encouraged as I gave her a high five as she approached the finish line and I realized the depth of her love when later she gave me her medical update.

Degeration in her neck area, spinal column- and a herniated disc she has been battling with.

A few months ago one day she just suddenly COULD NOT MOVE.
(back in AUG).
She said "Why am I doing this? OH yeah cause back in Aug I told God if I can walk again I will do what is asked of me in gratitude!"
So she supports her hubby running this event with him

as the Dr. advised YES the exercise is actually BETTER for her.

The fusing of the vertebra will happen if she is not active! Basically she has arthritis and I think it is muscular degeneration of her discs which soften and disappear if not mistaken the same thing my mother happens to be suffering and living with just now as well. The joints become soft like sponges and then wear away and are not there in between the bones to protect.

So she choose to run.

It might hurt like hell, and in short term she had that post race pain; but the pain of movement is temporary and will pale in comparison to the pain if she DOES not keep her body active and there is fusion of the vertebra. Result could be paralysis. She was so positive and non chalante about this; and her hubby so solid and supportive. It was marvelous to see them both and how they are pushing on through this.

It was amazing she finished the 10K today.

Some might think her crazy.

I found her inspiring , and both she and her hubby truly heroic.

It was AWESOME to be there and just enjoy the post race sandwiches with them and meet another couple that moved me to tears to be honest when I hear their race story.

HE , a Marine, was in a wheelchair as he lost a leg in service.

She , his wife, at Mile 3 of the 10 K- CARRIED his chair til the end after a WHEEL FELL OFF!

They made it to the finish line.

This race is so important to them as it represents all the struggles and sacrifices these two men , as Marines gave and made, as well as the daily struggles they encounter upon return as they heal each day.

The incredible love of their supportive wives is just astounding.

And the JOY and happiness of both these couples at being there today was also just beautiful.

I am so glad it worked out that I could make it!


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