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2019-02-11 - 9:20 p.m.

Of all the darndest things, the online record for my local municipality has an account for personal property taxes which one may log into to pay such tax owed.

I have mailed checks in past and on occasion logged in and paid my car tax on line.

So I log in to pay the latest bill- they bill twice a year, to see my account showing the outstanding taxes dues since I have owned my car- for the past THREE years.


This is one of those weird dejavu moments.

This happened with the nanny taxes and my IRS records which one year just were not found (by the IRS in their system. I had all the hard copies and provided them)

I mean it is just so weird. What are the odds of a computer error which is NOT in my favor happening not once, twice but thrice! .

OF COURSE I have all the prior bills and thankfully I am in habit of writing down the date I mail a payment. I have a carbon copy of checks and the bank has an electronic record (provided IT is not MIA) So I can FIND each payment, including those that came out of my bank and were paid electronically. Its just a royal pain in the ass for something that should not be par for the course- but for me, it seems still occasionally is.

Just so darn weird.

I do think they have a new site- well they obviously do , as the url is slightly different from older letter. So I am hopeful this is not a problem isolated to my account. I mean that might be mean to will it be a larger problem with their whole system, than little old me...

But , if so it might be 1. MUCH easier to resolve if it is a KNOWN issue and 2. Means not possible I am being hacked.

I don't actually really ever think I am being hacked, but more so just joke at the possibility. Not likely... I mean Why the hell would anyone waste there time to do such a thing? Can't be for kicks...

can think of so many better ways to get some fun.

I have to straighten this out. I intended to pay my bill , which is actually overdue! True I always forget this one til a few weeks past due. They send this "reminder" a bit too early ahead of time- which I tell you for someone with ADD , just is worthless. We need the reminder days or hours or even preferably MINUTES before a deadline LOL

Now I figure best to go pay it in person and bring all my records with me as I don't trust their in line system to capture the record correctly. Best to get a receipt handed to me.

Ce la vie....

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