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2019-02-16 - 11:06 a.m.

Good news is that my municipality web site for paying personal property taxes is just not that intuitive! It shows prior years with no taxes paid UNTIL one completed the validation of property for this year there, and then the status changes to
"Not filed electronically for this year."

Too bad they could not have that message show for prior years from the get go! Could save themselves some grief as I am positive I am not the only user who has a concern when initially see message that says taxes OWED for all the prior years!

I get it, designing of systems is HARD. You have to literally envision EVERY possible scenario.

Maybe no one envisioned a user logging in and first thing checking the prior tax history for accuracy prior to registering for this year.


But I am SURE I am not the only user who will do that!

The GOOD NEWS is its really just a design flaw
and my prior years paid taxes are accounted for- but just not in what appears to be a new on line system or portal or moved to a cloud etc....

Some such change....

At least that is straight.
I can pay this years car tax ON LINE and not have to visit the comptroller office.

And I can file my federal taxes.
That is the next task!

I am please the past couple weekends I really did catch up with house cleaning. I cleaned top to bottom and just dropped off crap to the thrift store.

Well,not really crap-

Clothes not worn
Books read already
DVDs watched

Planter, Miscellaneous tools I don't use, don't know how they got acquired, and won't use, grow lightbulbs and some seed pods (for a very cool Aerogarden I enjoyed until it broke. Why saved those is beyond me.... Maybe someone still has a working one and they will grow? Cherry Tomatoes and lettuce and some flowers).

The unicorn purse went as well. There was some protest but I am rather sure that won't be missed by the girls. I don't think anyone really recalled who's it is anyway. If it belongs to the child living in the basement, well she has so much crap she can't even know what it all is and where it all is so won't miss it. She doesn't ever want to get rid of ANYTHING. When she goes to college it will be MAJOR clean up. I think I am going to make her watch Ladybird and remind her it is kinda normal to have to clean you stuff out when go off in the world.

Her older sister thinks it NOT normal and the very definition of dysfunction. I didn't know she was sensitive about this- but I get it as when they would come to live with me Dad would scub the house of any sign of such child

So I agreed

YES that is fucked up when your kid is nine or twelve.... but at eighteen it IS normal for MANY families. Depends on how much space they have... etc... economics really does play in here. Truth be told how many kids in family etc.

I HAVE retained a room for college girl (albeit she shares that space with sibling); and will do so for the next college bound one. However it will NOT be the basement which I currently allowed the senior in high school to take over. Or maybe it WILL BE- however it will be transformed back into a SHARED space she can take over during breaks and summer. Rest of time I will reclaim it for the rest of family.

Both the senior in HS (Katie? I think.. I stink at recalling psydonames. Hey she is Katie today) and the college aged one (Sadie) have a chronic medical illness which is marked by extreme fatigue and low energy. The college girl really pushes through that ,and in fact sometimes overdoes it. Her first month of school she did not only pass out (which does happen sometimes ) but it looked like a scary seizure (not exactly but I won't go into the medical facts and diagnosis as I think it a bit too easy to give too much identifying info so try not to out or respect for my children. Makes me write less about MY LIFE than I would like but a responsibility of motherhood. Maybe when they are all grown I will write more and write less guardedly.)

So that was awful that she had to go to hospital in an ambulance.

THANK GOD FOR GOOD HEALTH CARE !! Not everyone has it, and having had a spell without it I am so thankful for that blessing every day

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