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2019-03-08 - 12:13 a.m.

I am up too late but have to post the funny thing that just cracked me up. First of all, there is a dance event "zafire" and I so loved the name I wanted to tell my acquaintance, the organizer, that I was excited by the new event name as its so close to my pen name. Before doing so however I wondered what he might find if he googles this pen name and I got caught up reading all the stuff out there. Sheesh I did not read all the trolling after one article written about the anomaly of my ex pushing the truant officer to bring me to court so he would have an advantage in custody battle In fact I didn't get beyond reading that one thread! I actually shut down the conversation by posting on it years ago- which I had forgotten about the writing of, and hadn't realized that was pretty effective in shutting up trolling at the time (as I wrote but did not go back to the site). This was back in 2012 and I am rather sure I did not read all the comments way back when but scanned a few to get gist of them- the haters out there who invent reality and supported criminalization . (According to them I was this messed up chick with a "record" not worthy of being a parent and OF COURSE I must be so awful - THAT was why the arrest! The truant officer wouldn't have done so without reason....etc....) So it was interesting to read such very dispassionately but with amusement and simple curiosity.

But the thread did make me think about the challenges of being a single parent, and how at certain times to have a Dad around with that authoritarian voice IS helpful! I just googled "Rent a Dad" thinking- hey what if I could just rent a dad for when need parent back up? Not a relationship, just surrogate parental authority fill in when needed- when a teen is mouthy... to support directive to do chores etc.

It was the CURSING at me of a teen which made me really need to chill and relax and let go of the upset that motivated me to just come upstairs and get some things done (check bank account, 2 minutes on facebook to relax) and then I found that thread and its like a dark hole of time- just got sucked in , reading and reading... and realize a good chunk of time just slipped by unknowingly.

So this totally cracked me up, which is a nice end to the day: nice graphic

and this has hilarious content!

The reasons....

OH, but just to share one more thing.... Showcase from my son's alma mater happened. They had it early this year (good thing because the early bird gets the worm so to speak, likely as they have been rocking in past couple years) . His girlfriend was so good he said every agent in the room wanted her info and she had a few meetings arranged. She basically is already expecting an offer to sign with one of the best global agencies. No kidding- this is agency with few select actors they represent, most well known successful actors and they are seriously interested in her.

The news of work his classmates are doing is so fantastic. I had a bad moment at work and called him for 5 min yesterday to get me out of my own head and into a better frame of mind. Hearing that his girlfriend was already given an audition (TV show) already and really expects to sign soon made my day. (I knew they had their showcase in front of agents when I called!) Last week he gave me the update on the rest of his housemates and classmates. I did get to watch one roommate on Law and Order and soon on NCIS ( one episode each). His best friend is in a movie with big names...and a principal character in a show (I think Netfix) with one of the best actresses in my generation. A few ar seeking accountants to help figure out finances as they will have money to manage soon enough. His friend in Hamilton recently bought a BMW which is such a life changing thing for a recent artist living the bohemian life of a NY actor.

One of the most joyful things he shared is that he got to see one housemate in her NY stage debut and he said she was just stunning, amazingly good (he thought the best in the show of course!) and that the show was unlike any theater he has ever seen. Soren was in an avante guard theater company so that says alot. (In fact both Katerina (his older sis ) and his girlfriend and he were in a couple shows together at this avante guard company which has done some truly innovative things pushing boundaries of what one expects theater to be. So for Soren to say the show in NY was like nothing he ever experienced which really was innovative is the upmost compliment from him.

A dancer dropped out weeks before opening one summer and Katerina said she wanted the part in the show Soren and his girl were in, and she got it. (They were truly in a pinch! No audition- she just was willing.) So amazing , as it was professional company for which there would have been competition typically. Katerina worked her ass off (almost literally in a sense as it was a role of a dancer)! She was a Show Girl and I recently saw some old photos of dancers in the 20s, with those feather fans, the fishnet stockings and feathers in hair and the picture reminded me of the costumes in that show. Katerina looked so fabulous! Her photo was even in the newspaper. She then went on to be in two more shows with them. She was in shows in high school and is incredibly talented as well, but studied music and is a poet primarily so that was wonderful as she doesn't have the training and time on stage or in theater study yet held her own and was as good as the trained actors.

Off to bed. Have to end on a high note! Especially after being up too late with a ton of work on my plate tomorrow:Deadlines at work!

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