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2019-03-18 - 8:11 p.m.

This is so powerful



My daughter was wait listed at the MFA poetry program at University of Virginia.

I basically said to her I thought even if moved up on the wait list and is offered admission she would likely be happier at the northern school she was offered admission to which she is really excited about.

Because I felt Charlottesville is much like where I live: oblivious in the audacity of its whiteness.

She said "But that is WHY I might consider it" and she told me to read Cannibal.

For she too, could deconstuct the phenomena- but as one who for part of childhood grew up with the innundation of homage to Robert E Lee , immersed in the reconstruction of history.

I was blown away by the podcast.

What struck me , is that EVERYTHING Safiya say's about racial discrimination can also be said about the erasure of disabled, and fear of recognizing and seeing disability. Different topic- but I interchanged that word often with powerful impact to me.

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