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2019-04-02 - 8:44 a.m.

This is the ultimate ADHD moments of LAST week * that was an edit, as used to say "moment" and "this week" but now that is plural as two are the top contenders of the week. #1 That the aforementioned event was NOT last week but was just this past Tue night! I was off by one week. So follows is the original entry:

I am working from home, and didn't yet start as I am trying to find info for an event At the White House - somewhere there, which I sent an RSVP of "YES" to So can't find the details.


I know I included an email address but don't see any email.

There was a "Click to share" link on FB to brag about going to the White House to see a showing of the movie "This Business of Autism" , which I thought would be worth the trip to see.

(Heck figured i would go work in DC today, make my way over there after).

That plan changed when I realized I have no idea exactly where to go, although "Visitor's Center" is likely enough to know....

but still- would like to read the invite .

So I stayed home to search for the past hour in email , one acct is of course locked (maybe I sent it to that one? The one used for spammy such things??)

I didn't click that FB " share" as was doing my duty to promote the event for our local arts org. That was this weekend- so I didn't want anything else front and center.

CE la vie...

I am going to log in, and if get my work done early enough make my way to DC and try to navigate to see if I find the showing of the film.

Heck it is on Amazon but I haven't a subscription. It was shown here I think locally- at something like $50 a plate for a local fundraiser for some worthy org.

So maybe I will figure it out?

But time to work. UPDATE ONE MINUTE later! I just found the email!! Off to DC for a "Policy Discussion" as well as screening of "The Business of Autism" later today. I think this is important! I did work at Autistic Services for nine years, and with a brother clearly on that spectrum as well as others in fam-- (including one I have a heck of a time waking in morning for school!!)-- this is something worth the effort to get to.

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