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2019-04-12 - 1:43 a.m.

Crap I am still awake

Found this good article so had to follow its sage advice:

Figures, ADHD moment of the day: Can't find my cell phone. It is here SOMEWHERE as used it today. There was a code sent to it for one of the sites. Ce la vie. I at least put in privacy op out requests at the others. I was sure to use that earned title "Attorney" after my name. YES one with a JD is an attorney. The degree may be good for something yet still... Hey I AM Proud of the Supreme Ct case won (in my state!) That is something. The thing about these "reputational" sites are that it is very easy for a tech suavy person who is a disgruntled Ex to actively seek to create a misinformation campaign that can malign one's reputation.

So one site I need to finish the opt out once I find my phone and can retrieve the code and access it.

One other gave this info after I followed the process:

"Your Opt-Out Request Is Confirmed
This is a confirmation that BeenVerified has instructed our data partners not to return the following record in future People Search results:

Previous Cities
N/A "

Hmmm Not very promising? The Fact it didn't show my actual so called personal info . Hope that is just indicative of a site that the developers failed to properly write code to have it populated with the user's identifying info when letting you know your so called page of info is to be removed and no further data pulls based on your info?

That is a better reason than the actual turning off the data NOT HAPPENING.

Hope it is just web site error such as that municipality had when it just wouldn't SHOW all the prior year's taxes paid initially but would only show ALL the years AFTER paying the current one!

Hope similar- just a design flaw, but that the request to opt out worked.

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