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2019-05-14 - 6:21 p.m.

Super busy Came back to the library to print medical, and school paperwork for sick teen, and paperwork for claim to have roof repair due to what for me was a fortuitous high wind storm that removed shingles off my roof. That means I get HELP to repair the roof! WHOO HOOO

Insurance is a good thing.

Of course depreciation considered, but all in all it is still a windfall for me!

I would have wanted to save money (and planned on it already ) to EVENTUALLY replace the roof anyway so as to retain value in the home .

The storm just made it affordable to do so now!

I am so very tired.
However got a bit energized from a super handsome man, I mean like movie star gorgeous, approaching me so smoothly with " I love your hair color!"

Guys it is a line that works!

For some reason it doesn't come across cheesy.
Maybe it is the delivery....

or maybe it is the good looks and charm of the guy...

I mean he was just hot.

I swear a single man that hot at age 50 must have either been in jail or completely avoidant of responsibility or ..... maybe the military?? The third option a possibility?

I know there is SOME story there.
I am skeptical...

But regardless... the guy was charming so I did get his # and said I would call.

The hilarious part about him , after I actually asked " do you have kids? ever been married" to which I got the response
and I bluntely said

"Wow, either you were very responsible, or somehow managed to completely avoid responsibility"

He laughed and said he was just raised to focus on his studies and to not be serious until he had everything straight in life.

So yes the hint at having worked through some stuff given.

But I liked the answer, not a bad one for being directly questioned as to why I should consider going to lunch.

I also like he asked me to call him so we could meet for lunch. A wise move. He asked me to call so we could chat and get to know each other a bit and said he would like if I would allow him to take me to lunch.

Very smooth move. Meeting for lunch mid day when drive self NON THREATENING. A good tactic!
Good dating tip.

The second thing he said after "I love your hair" was "How is your day going?"

I mean really guys, you just CAN'T go wrong with that question.

Well done.

Well done indeed.

Now here is the truly hilarious part. So they guy looks through is stuff to write his # down- as well , I may not have shared , but I very often DO NOT CARRY MY CELL PHONE.


My kids are older teens ,capable of caring for self, and when sick basically then just in bed all day not at any risk of trouble. As long a mental health checks for not suicidal the only worry I have is excessive K Pop and You Tube and Video Game intake. Honestly pretty benign.

My teens are ANTI SOCIAL literally with social anxiety. They are not going ANYWHERE.
It's hard to DRAG them out of the house for things they actually like. The challenge is real.

Sometimes , when off to work I just really don't want to calls from school (they are automated) that a teen did not go to school that day. I know which teen on given day and which bed the teen is crashed just unable to get up , sleeping in. Life with POTS.

So after my hobby of reading all there is that might be helpful to understand ( great article on connection of POTS, Depression and Social anxiety I would link but the hard copy is in my car now was latest- from some neurological journal highlighting results from a UK study in 2016 I think), I REALLY just need a break.

For me that means WORK in the office , without cell phone connecting me. WHOO HOOO

and the occasional swim before working from home should I be up and organized enough to get their early enough before work.

So Heck yeah I welcomed the flirtation of super attractive guy in the hard hat getting off work that is working on the rail project here in my area. They guy is a DC Native who is being put up while on this job. I can just imagine wife and kids home in DC... that is the way it USUALLY Goes!! LOL

Seriously the last guy that hit on me hard was dumb enough to not realize I knew his name and his FB page with wife and kids was there to find so easily. That one cracked me up... Big hint when a guy hits on me and then lacks any sense of classiness and boldly asks me if I want company when I go home. Are you just STUPID?? That is just so transparently desperate and dumb and the sign of a married man.

But back to the hilarious part. So the laborer on this project rifles through pockets to find a paper to write his # on. Finds something and says- Ah I don't need this, and tears off a corner, and writes his # on the back of this pink carbon copy of a paper of SOMETHING.

This is a test to see if my detective work is good. I haven't checked yet, but on the flip side I see three initials and a phone #

CSO Telephone:

THEN words above that ...correct..
Date ___________

I will leave that part out.

But looks very much to me like a court date.


So I am rather sure, having seen these docs before (HA HA) there is some ct date and it will take but a min to run the # and know the jurisdiction, and unless a domestic another min to find the nature of it in MOST jurisdictions that have such on line.

The only POOR part of my detective work is my shitty memory.

THe guys FULL NAME was on his hard hat! No shit.

I forget the last name! How dumb is THAT

i could have had ALL the skinny on the dude before I even call.

BUT I am not going to cyber stalk much... just enough to know if it is worth going to lunch.

I mean I had a fine time with the guy who was former drug dealer ( no kidding. He was a seeming holy roller Christian after his time... )

So I am not going to judge. But I am also not going to be stupid either. Just a little check before I make a call.


But I did get a good vibe.

It was at least interesting and nice diversion .

Now back to head home were I put a chicken bake dinner, thanks to one of those easy sauses you throw in a pan with some potatoes and veggies. I think thanks to Betty Crocker. At 75% off tonight I picked up a half dozen for us to try and see if any are decent and family likes them.

Got paperwork printed. Have work set out for this week getting it all completed.

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