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2019-06-09 - 10:23 p.m.


Tony Awards happening

Hadestown tix are now $300 for the cheapest... and that is the last row of the theater.

I missed that opportunity.

Decided against Hamilton or that for grad gift.

I bought a luggage set for daughter.

and we are going to NYC to see Soren in his show. He is on the NY Stage in a pretty big venue.
Its a big deal.

I am actually going to make the trip twice. Once with girls and once with my hiking friends, and a co-worker lady friend of mine.
The pastor of my church is so awesome that when I told him today of this he was excited and said he was trying to find a good Anniversary gift for his wife.

He is planning a NY Trip with her to see the show to celebrate their anniversary. Comps were no longer available, but I believe he is going regardless as he seemed so excited about it.

I thought that was pretty cool.

In other news my legal education has not been wasted. I have spent the weekend working part time job and reading lots of SAG AFTRA contracts between producers and SAG AFTRA after reviewing a contract and giving some feedback to Soren.

He has an offer.

Its pretty crappy when it comes to money but is a nice opportunity if it is pay he can accept.

Problem is , while understandable to pay an unknown less (this was so low initially his agent was OFFENDED and said in 30 years never saw anything like it- just so off the mark of the industry norm for the role it is. She was appalled and has been negotiating); this has a SEVEN YEAR option clause at that crappy pay.

Its not unheard of to take crap pay for a year or maybe just a couple and if the role ends up being in something the becomes tremendously popular then renegotaite for subsequent work at the rate of a *STAR*.

Soren isn't a star yet, so no negotiation power .. BUT HECK that is not true

just LESS negotiating power. And if they REALLY want him for the role you would think they would offer MARKET RATE?? Not an insultingly low amount.

So will see....

All I know is I laughed at the agents redlines. They were things I KNOW he is not that nit picky about, but which will help him The agent was looking out for his best interest and he does trust she will do her best to have the best contract in the end.

He just doesn't want to LOSE an offer by being too demanding.

I know the agent is aware however that ALL THE TIME he has call backs for major roles that would pay MUCH more. So she is not eager to have him take this unless it pays what she knows he is worth.

I could list the jobs he did not get but was 2nd in line.... a number were between him and one
other actor.

Just a few of mention of not gotten roles:

Christoff in Disney's Frozen
Alladin in Disney's Alladin
Hercules in Disney's Hercules which is going to be at the Public this summer. ( He didn't think he was buff enough... envisioned a big guy in that role but when I looked at who has been in the role recently it is a guy not that big who played Spiderman (I think? Or Superman-- but I think the first...) in some recent move. One doesn't think of Spidy as a particularlly big buff guy, or Clark Kent/Superman as such either...

Love Interest in Mean Girls

Daniel in Lin Manuel Miranda's Once on This Island

Some part in that odd Meatball musical (as in the Band Meatball)

Alainis Morissette Musical ( laughed when he was trying to learn that music- said come on, that should be easy....)

a few more... movie where he read for Ben Affleck. Casting Agent loved him for part, but the role was for an older guy and Ben Affleck did not want to change the part and cast someone of the right age. Both actors read for him however when it was a choice between the two.

So that is an example of some of the work he has done in auditions this past year. He has two to three really good auditions a week, and typically gets a call back or two as he typically makes it to the final call back with rare occassion. (Like Kinky Boots He is NOT a Dancer primarily so that was a stretch.... He said he was sore for days after some of the harder dance calls!)

In any case, Soren's career is taking off. Thus won't mention roles he ACTUALLY lands ; )

Just exciting for him to be doing so fantastic.

And it was a hecka lot of fun to be able to help him understand the contract for the current offer.

Heck, even without the bar, if he negotiates one solid merchandising clause perhaps my legal education will have been an investment that pays off !! LOL

Not even kidding.... one good clause in the right job contract that might not otherwise have been there has the potential to actually have made it worth the investment in law school.

But for that, as I have said all along...

You have to play a superhero someday !! LOL

But heck Disney beloved character not a bad 2nd option for merchandising proceeds.

Whatever happens with this current offer it will work out to be best for him I am sure.

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