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2019-06-16 - 11:24 p.m.

ADHD moment of the week:

I got a phone call from one of my hiking friends as I am organizing a trip with friends to see Soren's NYC debut. I was tired so decided to multi-task and get ready for bed while talking.

Now there is a leak that has peturbed me of late in my bathroom sink. A drip that one night I could hear and just could not sleep for the sound of it. (kinda like the Princess and the Pea.... once you know the annoyance is there it is impossible to ignore it!)

I know I need to deal with this eventually. But that night I just simply turned the valve to close it and shut off the water.

I tend to get too comfortable with any hack job, or short term measure and have this philosophy of getting by with things as they are despite the imperfections.

So now that I think of it, it has been likely nearing two months (maybe more") during which I got used to the work around of filling my glass at the tub with water from its spout to brush teeth.

The tub spout is a full force rush of water. No flow control with high pressure and speed- so I am not sure I am saving water or helping the water bill by avoiding the dripping and using that powerful force of water as the replacement.

So tonight I quickly filled the cup with water (looks like a red solo cup but its hard plastic with a workplace logo on it ), and grabbed some Dr. Brommers lavendar soup and added a few drops , grabbed a washcloth and did a quick and QUIET wash up while talking then put on my PJS.

It was a sufficient enough sponge bath, and I wanted to get to bed early ( Laughing at that as this was hours ago!! my phone KEPT ringing...another friend who believe it or not wanted help with an employment contract! Last weekend after helping Soren she called me and I helped her wordsmith. Tonight one more round, and an email back from the counterparty redlines agreed! WHOO Hoo- worth being up late for to help her.)

So after having gone downstairs and coming back up , I took out a couple pills to take before bed ( Lithium if you must know.... Hey it works really well for me. Cuts anxiety and I tend to not work insane amounts of hours in manic workaholic mode but keep a much more balanced lifestyle. I also do the same when i can run miles every morning... but found when injured and had to cut back exercise it was time for meds again)

So the ultimate ADHD moment was when I washed those pills down by grabbing my water glass, and taking a quick drink and swallow to then think....

"What the heck? This taste like... lavendar?? ....

OH SHIT This tastes like SOAP!!!

That lavender soup..."

I laughed at my idiocy. My daughter who I went in room of as though she might have her computer on and it would be fasted and nearest one laughed at my idiocy AND called me an idiot!

I think to be precise she said "Crazy bitch" ....

then "Idiot"

and I said... "Come on don't be too harsh... and as she laughed she said- No that is worthy of a crazy bitch characterization."

Ok lets think about this

I WAS taking lithium with Dr. Brommer's lavendar soup solution.

She is actually right.

I think it quite hilairous, especially if you read the Dr. Brommer bottle which I always love, and then imagine only some happy hippy girl doing this...
that lives in a commune on a farm.

So the good news is I knew enough to not even worry. I mean it was DILUTED
and there was only ONE chemical in it- potassium hydroxide if I recall correctly.

I did find the OSHA chemical data sheet.

Before I did that however I called my Dad to say happy birthday and as he was a chemist asked him if any worry. He said no, just drink some water- which I had done already.

He said It will just flush out.

I do have activated charcoal. That is great to have around when you have kids as it will bond with whatever ingested you want to get out of system and then vomiting occurs to get rid of an unwanted toxin. I think case I didn't want to take activated charcoal as my medicine would also bond.

Its been a few hours and feel fine.

Now REALLY Going to bed!

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